Dilemma: flipsky 6.6plus or unity

Dilemma: flipsky 6.6 plus or unity.

Keep in mind my motor connectors are 5.5mm and i dont want to cut into them or perma solder them to anything.
I want to keep it unplugable (if that make sense).
No one has adapters i could get now.
So not sure which to take.

According to my research picking either is a good choice.

Looking for opinions.

(If needed: motors are the TB DD)(10s battery)



Not very constructive but thanks


Sorry that’s not constructive, but these are:

Brenternet has compiled a list like 4 posts in


I dont think so. On the 6.6 maybe but not much ive read about the plus in terms of longer reviews…

The answers are out there. Core functionality between regular and plus is similar. But TBH, I haven’t tried either so I’m just providing 3rd party perspective

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Ill have a look thanks.

Im more hoping for opinions of actual users.
Like or dislike and why?

Ive read many good things on both but one i have to do surgery and the other i dont. So just want to weight all the info incan get and make a decision. Been trying to decide for 3 weeks lol

Also probably not helpful, but I haven’t had any issues with flipsky dual 6.6 (not plus). I’ve ran it on both 12s and 10s. Gave it some mild abuse lately on 10s. I also own a unity, but haven’t even taken it out of the box yet.

The flipsky you WILL have to solder your own bullet connectors for motors and power.

Bioboards I believe has upgraded unitys with 5.5mm bullets, thicker wires, and xt-90s.

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Never had a unity but had s 6.6+ that worked for less than an hour and flipsky did not replace nor refund me. I vote unity


Whats the story behind this? That sounds outlandish.

Do you have a soldering iron? Takes about 10 min to make some 3-5.5 adapters.

That’s what I did on my build.


one you can order now and it will arrive soon the other you can’t get soon - dilemma solved in my eyes


that is so not fully correct.
one you should buy from a reseller or used to get in time, the other one you can by from the producing company and get it in time.

What dilemma? You actually want to deal with enertion’s shipping and delays? Are you mad?


Didnt i write i can get both within a day? (Ir was that in another post)

Anyways i can get either within a day so shipping isnt an issue.

My dilemma is which one i should choose. Ive read equally good stuff about both and was just looking for peoples opinions and experiences

Neither. Two single motor ESCs is better than a dual motor ESC.

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That does make sense for safety concerns.
Also if one breaks i dont have to buy the entire thing again.

Great now you added more to my dilemma lol

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For the record, I am still searching for my new preferred ESC now that FOCBOX was discontinued. Maker-X Mini FOC Plus looks promising but is rather new and untested at the moment.


If supply is not an issue I would buy unity right away

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Althought the unity comes with 3.5mm females on the phase wires…they include the male ends as well… You solder the male “wire” end into a 5.5mm female cup… Super easy and now you still read on the oe wires…and all normal motors can plug in…