Flipsky VESC vs Focbox Unity

Which is best? Currently have a Unity that broke, locked the brakes and threw me off at 40km/hr. Warranty replacement on the way following an unpleasant experience with customer support due to communication issues and Enertion overlording in their forum. Now mostly due to the price I’m considering Flipsky for my next build. What are the pros and cons? Are there any other brands I should be looking at?

You do realize you are accusing one of the most helpful people of “overlording,” correct?

Regardless. No need to bring the drama here. Just ask about who has used the Flipsky, etc.

Censoring* Better?

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Sounds like you made this post to whine about Enertion. Search the forum, this has been discussed a million times.

Spoiler: It’s personal preference.


Was this forum literally not born out of Enertion issues? Not whining, just providing background. I want to know about the quality, the support, etc. Personal preference is its own spectrum that isn’t really going to influence the purchase decision. Experiences in those areas mentioned above are.

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The information is here, you’re in the right place :+1:t3:

A little legwork will give you everything you need without the need to bring up the tired Enertion drama. I’m sure you can see that?

Guess it’s go pester every topic creator with the mention of “Flipsky VESC” then


Here’s how you can look at it. You can order a flipsky VESC and have it in a week. Or… you can wait until Enertion borrows enough money from everyone again to fund another round and get you a Unity maybe sometime this year.

I’ve been running Flipsky 6.6’s and have had no issues with them.


That’s the kinda response I was hoping for. Thank you very much, considering selling my warranty replacement at this point for 2 Flipsky’s if this becomes the trend of responses.

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I use 10S battery. Have used flipsky 6.6 single, with FOC, for just over 1000Km without any issue.


There’s many, many pictures of burned out flipsky’s all over both forums. Their customer service can be hit and miss and their QC is non existent.

Both are fine, you accept a risk when you buy experimental hardware, which is what both of these things are. I have used both, I prefer my unity for ease of use by a country mile.

@ajplant96 asking a question until someone gives you the answer you want is kind of a shitty way to ask questions

That’s not it at all… A straight forward answer from tried and tested/experienced users is what I’m after.

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All ESCs are known to shit themselves now and then, currently both companies are hit or miss right now. I am going down the new FlipSky route at the moment knowing many people have great ESCs and many have had fires

@ajplant96, for my next build I want to get their latest dual one without in built antispark as that antispark part doesn’t last long. It is really compact too.
If you get a good deal on the singles and you have enough space on your board, you can go for that as well.

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It’s actually a hard choice to be fair.

Flipsky - available now. Built with the lowest possible cost components by underpaid workers.

Unity - not available immediately. Built by an engineer with a passion for the product, supported by a company who have a genuine interest in producing a quality esc for their own complete. Still assembled by underpaid workers but significantly more QC.

I wrote all that but I likely won’t buy another enertion product :man_shrugging:t3: That’s personal though, nothing to do with the products themselves.


Lol that is what I was gonna say, the only ESC that hasn’t had many issues recently is the trusty ol’ FOCBOX, which I run, which unfortunately is not made anymore.

I barely know what to recommend for a decent price anymore, I don’t trust the dual ones so usually I end up using TB Vescs for people’s builds and just put them on 10S and be done with it. That is a proven safe combination.

Honestly it’s such a shame they stopped producing the single Focbox. I was under the impression the Unity could run single motors but mine had never been able to achieve it.

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Honestly the major thing that has me on the fence about another unity is the cost. My first one was $400AUD with warranty, now it’s over $650AUD for the same thing, not just because the sales stopped, but because Australia got a huge tax added to it on top of that.

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