Dickyho Motor Repair 6354 (DO NOT BUY THESE MOTORS)

UPDATE: Do NOT buy motors from @dickyho. They ship with manufacturing defects that will damage the motor and potentially other electrical components in your build, such as your ESC/VESC. See the bottom of the thread for more details.

Hey guys,

Well my cursed board hit another snag. One of the 6354 motors I purchased from @dickyho had faulty solder points on the hall sensors. I’m hoping that I can fix the motor but we shall see. First step is to take off the motor housing to get to the PCB.

I’m not trying to say anything bad about @dickyho but it should be noted that the quality assurance of these motors is lower than ones you might purchase elsewhere.

This happened after less than a mile of riding.

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oK Fred.


Check out the “HFI sensor mode” in the newer firmware versions. It’s even better than sensors. Then you can just cut all the sensor wires off and have a perfectly good motor in your hand.


I cut all my sensors off my @dickyho motors the moment i got them. Been running mine unsensored for a long time with no issues now


Cool video! Thanks for sharing this


Thanks! I’m still running one of those cheapo dual ESCs, but look forward to firmware configurations once I get my Maker-X dual VESC.

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Do you run it unsensored on a cheapo dual ESC or on a VESC?

Is there a trick to removing the c-clamps off the motor housing?


I run unsensored bldc on a vesc


A flat head screw driver and patience if you don’t have c-clip pliers.

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I’m running a dickyho 6473 on sensorless BLDC with vesc 4.12 single belt. And I’m surprised at how smooth it is on startup!

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I’ve never really thought about it, but mine are also really smooth on startup comparatively

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Well I couldn’t get the c-clamp off, and left the hall sensors disconnected. I must say, it does ride pretty smooth.

Side question: does anyone know what size grub screws that dickyho’s motor mounts use? can i buy replacements anywhere?

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How fast are you able to go, and what battery setup are you running? Thinking of upgrading to something similar to what you described.

Heres my build thread: Lone wolf | landyachtz ten2four | single 6374 | TB 4.12 vesc | mini remote

  • 10s7ah battery 20a max discharge
  • 15:36 ratio
  • 36kmh top speed with 90mm wheels

I repaired a very similar motor. Was easy but I do own a pair of circlip pliers.

I found the reason my sensor wires pulled off was because the stator shaft was rotating because the locating pin either fell out or wasn’t there. I epoxied a new keyway in when I reassembled it as well as soldering on new hall sensor wires

I was actually lucky the former epoxy let go because it made repairing it much easier


Thank you! Really appreciate your sharing these photos. Once I get my circlip pliers. I will investigate the locating pin when I open it and potentially epoxy a new keyway as well.

Finally got around to this repair today and I cannot for the life of me remove the stator. Any tips on how you got it out?

Got the stator off the shaft, but cannot get the stator off the back motor casing. Looks like the locator pin is missing on mine too and the designated ridges on the motor housing and inner stator bore are misaligned. Do I just torque-twist this thing off?

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Pics of where you are at now?