DAVEGA X feature requests

Update: Adding a poll. Please see feature descriptions below. You can vote for up to 3 features. (I’m leaving out DAVEGA Tool Windows fix since that one I already implemented.)

  • Configurable screens
  • Automatic data backup
  • Faster screen redrawing
  • Retrieve data from CAN-connected VESCs
  • Configurable battery discharge curves
  • Multiple WiFi networks
  • Allow resetting lifetime max speed
  • Firmware updates without restarts
  • LLT Power Smart BMS integration
  • Fault code screen
  • DAVEGA Tool: Detect device ID and auto-download updates

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I will soon be able to allocate a lot more time to DAVEGA software development. The TODO list is long and I’m not quite sure where to start so I’m coming here for help. My plan is to build a list of potential new features, updates and fixes. If you have a request that’s not on the list, please post it to this thread and I’ll add it. The up-to-date list will be kept in this post.

I’ll allow one week for requests and proposals.

Then I’ll create a poll where everyone will be able to pick 3 features/fixes that they would like to see implemented. I will then prioritize my backlog based on the results, giving preference to the features/fixes with the highest number of votes.

Configurable screens

Currently, only the main indicator on the riding screen can be configured to either show speed, battery current, or motor current. It would be nice to make the other 4 values configurable as well. This feature could be accompanied by “screen profiles”, i.e. multiple customized riding screens that one could easily switch between.

Automatic data backup

Add a preference for doing automatic data backups after X km traveled since the last backup. The backup obviously can only be done if the configured WiFi network is available. Check for available WiFi periodically when not riding.

Faster screen redrawing

Re-drawing a screen takes long and switching between screens is a bit slow. The automatic switching between the riding view and stationary view could also be faster.

Retrieve data from CAN-connected VESCs

DAVEGA only reads the telemetry from the VESC that it’s directly connected to via UART. It can’t read data from other VESCs in the system via CAN-forwarding. It merely interpolates the retrieved data. For example, it doubles the discharged energy if the number of VESCs is configured to two. While this works reasonably well in most situations, the reported data is not as accurate as it could be. Also, if there’s a fault on a CAN-connected VESC, it’s not recorded.

Configurable battery discharge curves

There are three built-in discharge curves for li-ion, lipo, and lifepo4. These are used for determining the battery SoC based on the battery voltage. Even within the same chemistries, some cells have slightly different discharge curves than other. Thus, it would be nice to make the discharge curves fully customizable.

Multiple WiFi networks

Today, it’s only possible to configure a single WiFi network. Being able to configure more than one would be helpful for those who need to be able to connect at multiple locations.

Allow resetting lifetime max speed

Comes in handy in case you have accidentally maxed out your lifetime max speed by doing a bench test.

Firmware updates without restarts

Attempting a firmware update often causes a MemoryError. DAVEGA then restarts and re-attempts the firmware update, which already works reliably. This is a minor annoyance. Ideally there would never be a MemoryError and a restart in this case.

LLT Power Smart BMS integration

This BMS doesn’t have CAN but it could potentially be connected to DAVEGA via bluetooth.

Fault code screen

In case there has been a VESC fault, indicate it on the main screen. List the details on a separate screen. The screen provides a list of all recorded faults in current session including the fault type, start, and end.

DAVEGA Tool: Fix import/export flakiness on Windows

Importing or exporting data using the DAVEGA Tool is currently flaky on Windows and typically requires several retries before it finally succeeds.

DAVEGA Tool: Detect device ID and auto-download updates

The idea is that when re-installing the bootloader, the DAVEGA Tool automatically retrieves the device ID from the connected device; then downloads the correct bootloader file from the server and installs it. First, this would be a much better user experience than having to look-up the device ID and downloading the bootloader file manually. Second, in the rare case that DAVEGA freezes to the point that a full re-install is needed, people would be able to fix this by themselves without having to ask me what their device ID is.


Ltt BMS cell voltage screen?


Custom voltage cutoff?


Can you please elaborate? What would it do? Maybe the custom battery discharge curve feature already covers this?

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Instead of the voltage cutoff being 40v it can be set to a different number based on when you cutoff your battery therefore giving you more accurate range measurements

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Right. I believe that’s what the custom battery discharge curve would do.


Oh I thought you meant by custom discharge for different cell types

Thanks for the clarification

Also a screen to see errors/fault codes rather than just at the bottom would be amazing

Also having a ride log would be awesome
Maybe an app?


Added. Thanks.

Good idea. Added.

I agree it would be great but I don’t think it’s realistic for me to implement it. It’s rather complicated and it’s likely beyond the capabilities of the current platform. I only want to add features to the list that I believe have a chance to happen.


Yeah course def a long term update but it could really be amazing if you can implement some ride logs


Would just a speed log be possible

Also separate rides
As in it gives my max speed from when the board went on till now
Not since I last reseted the ride

You have somesort of a ride log already on the davega as you know. But you can already have ridelogs. The Vesc tool app provides it for ya. In case you have a nrf dongle.


Yeah mainly just want to see how my speed progressed during the ride

Also are you able to see top speed in just that stretch of ride
Not since you last reseted the ride

The initial post now has a poll.


Just one more post for visibility since for many this has probably passed unseen and I stop spamming. Thanks everyone who have voted already.


maybe could you link it in the main davega thread

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People get out t(here) and vote!


I started implementing the automatic backups. Wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. Here’s what I came up with. Would love to hear people’s thoughts.

I keep track of the traveled km since the last backup. If that exceeds a configured threshold an automatic backup is attempted.

It’s only done when not riding. Whenever you’re stationary and your last backup has expired, davega starts looking for your configured WiFi network and won’t give up until it makes the connection or you get moving again.

All of this happens in the background. Once the connection is established, the backup is performed. That’s very quick. Takes less than 2 seconds even with a shitty connection via mobile phone hotspot in the area with barely any signal. You get a terminal screen during the backup with the details about the progress. Once finished, it returns to the standard screen. No user action needed.

There’s a new indicator in screen top showing a single number with a colored background. The number shows the tens of km since the last backup, e.g. 5 if you traveled 50 km since the last backup. 9 is max and indicates “85 km or more”.

The background color coding is as follows:

  • green - last backup is recent enough
  • yellow - last backup expired, attempting new
  • gray - last backup expired but we’re moving
  • red - last backup expired but Wifi is not configured

Sorry for the wall of text. Will add some pics/demo later as well. Those who managed to read it though, does it make sense? Would you do anything differently?

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That sounds great! I am assuming that the end user can change the backup frequency at their own discretion?

Do you have a screenshot of what the number with the coloured background looks like? It sounds distracting and maybe not totally necessary, is it possible to turn that feature off?

Nice feature! As an idea show green cloud icon if backup is OK, crossed red/yellow cloud icon if backup is not OK, no icon if backup is disabled. Single number could be confusing


Agreed. There are so many numbers on the screen already :joy:

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I agree that would be a lot clearer. I will think about that option. Thanks for the suggestion. One thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t fit into the current simplistic GUI that doesn’t have any pics/icons at all.