DARTH VAPOR - Build history | 6374/80/84 | VESC 6 | Graphene 12S12AH++ | Custom X-Mount | SCRUBS deck customized

Hi e-rider,

I just want to save my old and fav board here.

My Darth Vapor, evolving since 2015 year after year, here is some quick view of the stages until this summer :


Proto : deck Scrub - front Scrub Chanel truck, rear Vertigo with welded motor mount by Willozboard - 9" Primo Stricker tire with Scrub plastique rims - chain h25 - APS 6374 170kV - APS 120Amps ESC HEV - 2 x 5s 8Ah 35c Lipo - GT2B


v1 : deck Scrub sandwich carbonized - front Trampa vertigo - Trampa Footstrap - VESC !!!

v1b : Superstar 8" w/ Primo Stricker - V4.10 install on the motor mount

v2 coming : New custom motor mount.


v2 Proto : Deck a bit reshape visually - Vertigo trucks - custom Xmount - 8" - Iso06B chain - Overion 6374 130kV - Trampa VESC 6 Beta - 2 x 5s 5Ah 45c Graphene - GT2B 3D case

v2 Street Fighter mode

v2 Off Rooaaad mode

v3 - waterproofing a bit the thing ^^
9" 5star rims - bigger ratio - 12s 12Ah 15c Graphene


v4 - New shape again, I cut it the shorter ap, wedged riser to get 30° tips.

v4b - New MBS straps, new diy box for fun, new grip … front bumper (diy anodizing ^^) !

Sale summer 2018 … with Fox vs. V6, and 10s5Ah vs. 12s12Ah …

But !

:relaxed: fate has sealed us for life I guess !

New shape once again, to work with the next upgrade of the drive


V5 / e-toxxification! - New shape - Rockstar 2 rims 8" Primo - MBS Matrix 2 (v2) trucks - FS 6380 150kV - full e-toxx gears !

v6 / downgrade - 5star 9" Primo - 2.5/3kW battery - 6384 80kV - chain iso6B - Dual ESCape

What will be next !? :smiley:

I will post detailled part or step that I want to save here with loooooot of photos !!

Thanks for watching :v::wink:


The question is… is it the same board if you’ve replaced all the original parts? :thinking:


One deck so much variations!
Always great to see boards developing.
Best way to find out what works best for yourself.

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Yes, it was my one and only ! Always the same core, just swaping upgrading downgrading parts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Exactly ! I can’t wait to start building a new part of my life with the Bro !!! All and everything will change :relaxed:


Mine just arrived today :relieved:
But I need to wait till next week when I’m at home to take it away :sob:


What is your experience with matrix II trucks? I’m collecting some knowledge about ground clearance with 8", 9" or even 10" combined with a gear drive or chain.

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ho sorry ! missed your last message.
I haven’t ride them enough compare to channel type. I have love them on soft AT. But can’t say for real off road.

But I like that they’re the widest and carviest mtb trucks I have tested !
Also you maybe know now, that for me, from the start it’s 9" all the way :wink:
(I have message Jenso a lot in summer 2k18 to know if I could set is mini GD with 5star lol)

I see Andy will test some 10", and Duffman ride 11" since a wile.
I got 11" too since almost a yr, but it’s too wide (4.10/3.50-4), it needs custom rims. (I just find the vid)

So I will follow Andy finding (3.00-4), and order some other profile 10" (260x85) for testing on the next setup.

center is 10cm … we will see!

Today, the Bro arrive !!!

It’s beautifull ! The finishing is gorgeous !! Stance looks perfect, is wide enough for my feet and feels comfy at 1st :smiley: can’t wait to discover more.

:checkered_flag: Winter build start now !!


Hi here !

I’m still working on my next MTBoard project … And the winter project starts to be a bit too long for my taste :sweat_smile:
Things have to move a bit now, I don’t want to pass a year without riding it !

And now, I got almost all ! So, some updates :

This is the trickiest part, the waiting … I definitely need help to find an EU machinist that can make and ship things these days :crossed_fingers::grimacing: A Good Samaritan around here ??!


Perhaps shoot e toxx a message if he can custom made them for you ?
I don’t know somebody who got 5axis cnc…

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My experience with those tires has not been exciting.
That type of tires (260x85), despite being very beautiful and aggressive, they are very fragile.
After a week they had already cracked with a use on grass …
The seller told me they are for mini quads (for children) and are not suitable for our use.


haaa :sweat_smile: thx a lot for your precious feedback @jeorghe !!
So, it will be a spare set just for a unique occasional ride :grimacing:
And so I can go for 9" mudplugger !.. haha (Im a 9" roller, started with 9" since 2015, I try 8" a bit around 2016/2017 but then reset 9" again. Then another quick 8" try in 2019 for the eToxx GD. But I hope this will let me fell what are 10" like … Then maybe the Trampa 10" is an alternative so …).

9" RWD

10" AWD

I don’t think I need an AWD/4WD … I dream about it for so long now … But yeah, my wallet will definitely thanks me :upside_down_face: Already that I cannot finance my GD (will try to make it full DIY but before I can control my future CNC as I want,… I don’t see me riding before at least 2021 if so !).

Yeah, I message Mr. Duffman already, we will see :wink: I’m also going to try Akhlut (not EU but I’m sure he can do that too) and 3DSas :crossed_fingers:

Bonus Pics :


I would suggest you this tractor 10 inch tyres … :slight_smile:


what about an ag tire?


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Ha yes, same looking as the Trampa once :wink: I see, thanks ! (But 1st I will try and kill mine, then I sure I will jump on the 9" again, depending on the felling oc).

@RyEnd, maybe a bit too extreme :crazy_face: hahaha… And it will make me want 4WD for sure :rofl:

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Little save here ^^

:v: :nerd_face:

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Hooooooooooo yeah gents !

A machinist proposes me 150€ for 4 customs Steel axles 42CD04T :stuck_out_tongue: !!!

It will take at least a month to get them, I think, but I’m in a good way :mechanical_arm::smiley: !


Summary (… yes again ^^ … I am bored …) :










Haero Bro 96, Flame Reaktor custom axles, Megastar on 10", 3Dsas Mini Eco AT GD, Overion 6374 130kV, Dual ESCapes, 12s 16Ah 15C Graphene, Overion Antispark Switch Key, GT2B custom case, …
what could i forget?


Haha you must be really bored to give that much details into the build !
Weird to buy a loopkey tho !

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haha ^^, Maybe but … it’s just part of the list … and I need it ! I use it for around 2 or 3 yrs at least I guess.

And, no weirder than your comment :joy:
People should know it exists !

They are very studying, I like the details, clean slick look (for the last version in full black), and the pcb very helpful to also directly use ubec, charge, led power, etc. And to easily set it on your enclosure, strongly fixed with screws !!

I recommend it to you, and for only 9€ !

Plus, in addition, you are helping a small French artisanal company that has brought so much to our community! I would do it again with pleasure !!! :kissing_heart: (I prefer to by my HK XT90S from him than directly from HK)

Rain of photos as a bonus! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Full black version

Mine is not as sexy and strong … :sweat_smile:

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