Cycle Satiator Charger Grin Technologies

This was somehow not talked about here, I guess for several reasons.





Looks like there are safety and noise suppression components on the AC power side of the circuit, which is good. Can’t tell much else with the photos.

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With the product being out so long at least in the first revision not far from current, shocks me with not finding any good teardowns. enough puns

Must be so good nobody cares to mess with it. The warranty being 3 years would also prevent that.


It’s absolutely awesome


I know a guy who used one, seems extremely capable but quite bulky, like bulkier than a full-size WATE brick.

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It’s ya boy.
I’ve mentioned it a few times I’m a bit of a fanboy. It’s got profiles for LiFePO4, lead acid, whatever you like. You can program it to charge at any rate to any level.


Full sized meaning the 8?12?A one I guess, seems longer than the 6A.

We should make a dimension comparison list here.
The best of the best Chargers!

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Grin makes good shit, I have their CycleAnalyst dashboard thingy on my ebike. The Satiator seems like a very nice piece of kit, but it’s also really expensive.

Unless you’ve got a ton of different LEVs, all with different chemistry and cell counts, I feel like it’s more economical to get a couple more generic chargers.

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Dang that’s a lot cheaper then I remember it being.

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I love my satiator. I’ll charge my batteries up to 85% and extend the life of the pack.

I also use this for my 14s pack, charge it up to 54v then it’ll work on a regular vesc. (60v)


meant to post here

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This thing desperately needs a case to protect the output connector and the buttons by the screen.

I haven’t checked by I’m sure there are some nice printed things that hold the cables nicely also.
High durability would be my aim so probably a urethane or tough molded plastic would be nice.

Yeah I wore out the buttons because I’m always changing from the my default charging regime (3A) to max (8A). Why don’t I just change the default if I’m always in a hurry? Yeah I always says I will but then I don’t.
On the plus side grin sells a replacement faceplate with the button plungers for $15 and also a replacement for the cable exit.
Of course the fact they have the replacements in their store shows that they are needed.

Im now $370 poorer and I blame every one of you enablers in this thread.

That’s hot.


Would be really really nice if there was 5 more slots for battery presets, or if really going all out like folders or something.

I love mine but it really really needs a better user interface.

Like bluetooth+app :grin:

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