Custom Deck Skinning! Variety of Decks and Enclosures!

Hey guys!

I need to start cracking on some projects I have been cooking up.

I always have some decks around that are ready for custom work, but I have some really good stuff right now.

The Protipos in particular are pretty exciting. They are an awesome platform for some unique and surfy style builds. I take these, replace the m3 threaded inserts with M4 for robustness and do custom fabric or CF skins on them.

Really the sky is the limit on what can be done, just need some good High Def source material.

Can even add a think rubber gasket onto the enclosure if you are wanting to run a bigger battery. No problem.

Here is my super elite design team and his Protipo (:joy:) @mmaner

I can even help you source some good components for a hybrid build. TB DDs paired with Browery Surf adjustable baseplates from @mikenyc are a combination for something truly special.

I also have a V2 HAYA here that is ready for a custom job. I definitely recommend going with a Carbon Fiber or colored Fiberglass on the bottom for robustness. The lid can be skinned in a custom fabric or to match the bottom with glass frit.

I also have a flower Jet Tayto and a refurbished LY Topspeed that are for sale. I am waiting on some enclosures for these two from @BigBen. The Topspeed is an amazing board that is built for speed and maneuverability. And you can’t get them anymore.

I also have some more blank Jet Killshots on order for custom pieces as well (not to mention one on the way to @BigBen to get a slew of enclosures made).

So how it works is you pretty much commission a piece. You, Mike, and I start going over design options and what kind of customization you want. We order the fabric and get cranking on it while providing you with some updates throughout.

For grip, we use Glass frit in:



*Uber Frit

Can be in gloss or satin finish.

For the bottom of the deck, I prefer to use various stains that jive with the top. Just looks awesome. But we can also add CF or FG to reinforce a flexy deck or for cool factor also.

There are way too many options for me to go through that can be done, so if you are interested, just hit me up here or on Instagram (@senderskates).

Due to the nature of customization and variances in raw material prices, the cost is figured during the design period.

But typically, the prices are in the $175+ range for full customization plus the cost of the actual deck. It gets pricer when things are added like extra CF layers on bottom, skinned enclosures, routed wire channels, battery cutouts, ect.

Also, gladly recieve used decks to refurbish and customize. Upcycling lived decks are actually my favorite projects to take on.

The way I see it, we are already spending a lot of money on these bad ass machines. $2000 and up is easy to do on a top end DIY board. Why not spend a little more for it to actually look like something special!

When you pull up to the group ride on one of these customs, I guarentee people will notice.

Oh yeah, here is are some random photos of stuff. I also have pictures on IG, here, and on the Builders site.

Hit me up if you are interested in anything or have any questions!

Edit: Always interested in trades for high end parts, and used quality decks (Jet, Evos, Red Embers,Topspeeds…)


Are you using vinyl for all of the top of board graphics? These photos are probably some of the coolest customs out there. So crisp, especially the armor - leaf one.

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Nope! Not vinyl. It becomes part of the deck. It is locked in epoxy. This isn’t some sticker or just griptape!


The sounds I make while looking at these designs, anyone around me must think I’m looking at porn :joy:


I…cant…wait. Ill be broke but worth it


Interesting. I am just curious how you get the graphic on there, is it thermal transfer, printed, or something else?

No stickers needed

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Well I saw the fabric part but I wasn’t sure how to interpret, never seen fabric prints that crisp before

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Ahhh yes. The right fabric is key!

I have tried many.


Hit me up! This Evo won’t shut up about getting a new outfit and going home to daddy!


Holy shit. That’s some sexy stuff right there :drooling_face::drooling_face:

I’m thinking long term use. would prototipo’s flexibility affect your custom work!?


Someday I’ll have to send my deck to you for some new life. It’s full of extra enclosure holes I don’t need and would look great in a skin and frit.

Maybe in 6 months when I have spare cash lol.


Beautiful work @Sender


Hell yeah man! Be thinking about what you want on it!


That’s awesome craftmanship man!


Just here as a testament to Tim’s work. I have seen first hand how much work goes into skinning just one deck. It’s a process that takes days if not weeks to do properly and Tim gets it right down to the tiniest detail.

If you are at all on the fence, you are in safe hand. Send him your deck and you will not regret it


Any time you take a sabbatical to Europe let me know!


Definitely trying to make Paris next summer. It was painful watching all the fun.


I just want to reaffirm for anybody who isn’t already convinced with the photos: seeing this kind of art in person is awe-inducing. I feel like a king every time I pick up the skinned redember that he did some work on, and the carbon work on enclosures is flawless. @Sender’s work is truly the best way to diversify your board from the rest of them.


Thanks Ben, can’t wait to see that rig up and running!