Could use a bit of help, hope this is the right place.

Hello! First post, hope I’m in the right spot. I posted this to reddit but it seems the sub is dead over there.

"I currently have a Moto-Tec board that is a blast, big wheels and torque means I can run over rough sidewalk, curbs, small children, and other skateboarders with little to no worry.

The biggest issue being the lead acid batteries, and I figure if I’m gonna upgrade those I might as well do the rest. The gearing is 4:1 (15 motor 60 wheel) but the wheels are 250mm. Best I can tell I need a motor in the 100kv range for the lower speed and higher torque. Any speed over 20mph is unusable due to bad wheel balance, so I would like to use the extra speed as torque.

Current thoughs are using
Flipsky 140kv 6374 and Dual FSESC4.20 ESC (or similar) with 12s lipo.

I don’t know alot about the world of esk8, but as far as I can tell that should work without breaking the bank to hard. Maybe??


Edit: Forgot to say I was looking at the 140’s because I can’t find 100’s or anything around there for a decent price."

Board link


technically u can reuse most hardware, ditch the lead acid battery, esc and remote, replace them with some well made battery pack from one of the awesome guys here that can make decent battery with good cells. for the esc, i suggest checking out makerX, their esc is much better than flipsky, and lastly,

get a hoyt puck for remote


Gotta get the motors too because they are brushed and I can’t find a wireless brushed esc to save my life. Thanks for the input!

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ah then in that case, check out @Boardnamics’s shop, link in his profile.

he’s got 140kv flipsky motor to go with his own design gear drive, heard many good things about the drives. his hanger is also cheap af for its standard.

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You don’t technically have to replace those immediately.
All vescs and derivatives have the ability to drive brushed motors, as well as brushless. You just connect phase wires A and C, and leave phase B unconnected, and then pick brushed DC in the motor configuration tab in vesc tool.

I would personally stick with 10s with any of the 4.x hardware, just because it’s somewhat less robust than the 6.x based stuff, and that extra headroom gives me peace of mind. That 20% drop in voltage (and thus speed) will also negate part of the extra 40 KV those motors have.


You could get the maytech 90kv motors?


Any major downsides? Because that would be ideal, could dish out some extra $ on the esc that way, and get a better 12s esc if that would be worth the upgrade.

Will do, assuing I don’t go with Mystical’s suggestion.

90’s would actually be minty, according to the calc on this site.


Doing what you’re doing now is pretty much how I got into electric skateboarding.
I bought an old 8ball carver and switched the batteries for lipos.
Then after a while the motor was a little smokey, so got a new motor, which led to new esc and remote. Then realised the trucks were actually junk and set off on a path and fell down the rabbit hole. :rofl:


Other than the ones inherent in brushed motors, no, none that I can think of.

Boardnamics is good people :+1:

Eventually you almost certainly will want to switch from brushed to brushless, for efficiency, noise, and longevity reasons as well as extra power.

Being able to upgrade a bit at a time is nice though, it spreads out the wallet pain a bit.


Looks like the board I have is a copy of the 8ball bigfoot, the remote in the manual is the one on that site and looks nothing like the one I have lol. Though I also have twin motors which is nice.

Oh for sure, I don’t expect these motors to last forever, especially if I go 12s lol. Just like the idea of spreading out the wallet bleed lol.

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id stay away from the 4.xx ESC exspecaly flip sky ones plenty of better options out there look at the BKB xinith. all depends on your budget but it can be a bit of a rabit hole as many pre built use custom mounting options to stop you upgrading with other company parts.

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Now that I know I should be able to keep my motors I can spend more on the esc, as far as mounting goes I have 2 big empty boxes after I rip everything out, plus a 3D printer lol.


Try to post some pics as you get started!

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I was gonna say pretty much the same as @MysticalDork , I don’t think there’s a big downside to running a VESC in DC brushed mode. There miiight technically be a limitation with concentrating the heat on 2 phases worth of MOSFETs instead of using 3 phases but I really think it’s negligible, especially given the lower power motors. Plus was gonna also say this:

I’m personally in favour of lipos for value for money at the moment, they don’t seem to be as hard hit by the shortages as cylindrical cells. I’m running a 10S2P 18650 pack at the moment because I got a really good deal, but I’ve ordered some lipos to replace it.

+1 on this as well, if you can find a makerx in stock. If not, there’s apparently some info or guidelines around on using FS ESCs safely (basically ignoring their stated current ratings and going lower) but like you said, if you’re saving on motors it would be nicer to get a BKB Xenith or makerx or something and only have to buy once to be set for quite a while.

Haven’t used a puck but if you’re looking for cheap and still safe reliable options there’s the Flipsky VX1 and the generic RC Mini Remote, covered here How to bind the Mini Remote [Serious]

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Will do! I assume there is a spot for build threads here somewhere, until then this is the current state of the board due to Esc issues and checking parts compatibility.


Same here. I started out many years ago with a Maverix Cruiser. Look at me now, I’m a freaking builder for Lacroix Boards :love_you_gesture::rofl::love_you_gesture:


That’s nothing man, I work for APEX. :astonished:


Are the 4.x good for lower power stuff? I seen the makerx dual 4 has an attractive price (especially compared to the 6 or the O.O.S. BKB.) If I keep it at 10s (like I really should as This board handles like a school bus so its not a peak power/speed build, My verreal AT will be better at that when it gets here) My peak amp draw should be around 45amps, continuous should be 30ish. Which even for the less robust 4 seems well within limits. And with the heat sink on the sk8 I could prolly keep temps under control pretty easy if that was rhe issue.
Sorry if this sounds like I’m bucking your help, its not ment to just trying to find the ideal balance of what I need vs what I can reasonably afford (I could just get a baja board but my savings are already wagging their finger lol.) I really appreciate everyones knowledge they are imparting.

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