{Completed} Maytech 6374 Sealed Motors Group-Buy [EU]

Heya guys!
Since there was some interest in the other post regarding a possible group buy on the sealed versions of the Maytech 6367’s, I got in contact with Eileen from Maytech to see what could be done.

Long story short: We can either go for 170kv or 190kv, but not both. The Minimum order quantity for the entire group buy must be equal to or exceed 20 units.

Cost per motor will be US$81.9 WITHOUT shipping.

Now as there was some interest in the other thread regarding custom sensor connectors, custom shaft length, battle hardening, etc. I asked Eileen about the feasibility of such modifications.
tl;dr, it doesnt look like it’ll be possible on this batch since the MOQ for such custom modifications is 200 units.

Things to note: the 190kv motors will have a production time of 30 days, whereas the 170kv’s are already in stock.

So feel free to vote below if youre interested in this GB, and if we reach the MOQ, we can discuss logistics.

How many motors are you interested in?

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  • 170kv
  • 190kv

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Ah wait this is the US only GB?

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So the other one (unsealed 6374) is US only i believe. Now for this GB, i’m personally EU. If i were to handle it, it would likely be EU, unless we can get someone in the US to cater to that demographic aswell. (and idk about our aussie cousins)


Perfect I am in EU too

All in for EU GB. :smiley: 170kV preferably. Might even grab more than two.

@rey8801, whats your preference on kv?

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For me 150-170Kv are perfect. So 170Kv in this case.


@rey8801, @Murloc992 Could yall do me a favor and mark it in the second poll i added? Thanks guys

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Done. I would say if we won’t get any better price once 20motors are reached then I would suggest to close it there. Otherwise custom will kill the deal. If we can get better price then the more the better.

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I second all of that! EU, 170KV, sealed, at least two.

If possible ask them to send a datasheet of the motor showing the internal resistance, AWG used for cables, which magnets, if they are curved. Those things make all the different at the end. I know their motors are good but better to check

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Will do!

For my EU peeps, since we have to eat VAT aswell, the final price without shipping is approx 86 EUR

EDIT: Thats if we go the “safe” route and declare the items for their full worth. Ofcourse we can ask Maytech to declare them for a lesser value and pay less tax, if that is the common interest :slight_smile:


We can always try to gamble if this doesn’t land you with a fine or jail time. :laughing:

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Next esk8 meet is in vegas baby!

I received this
KV: 170
Black sealed cover

Idle Current: 0.8A

Max. Current: 65A

Input Volt.: 2-12s Lipo

Max. Output Watt: 3550W

Rated Current: 60A

Internal Resistance: 0.0402
Shaft: 8mm with 3mm keyway
With output shaft length: 26mm
Sensor cable length: 500mm with 2mm pitch
Motor cable length: 240mm, excluding connector length
With 4mm golden male connector

EDIT: Magnets are N45SH.


Sounds good thx. Maybe also ask if they have the retaining ring to keep the magnets in place. That would be nice.

That’ll be my next email!
Magnet info updated


what would the overall cost for it to get to my house be like

So just in case I want to plug my sensors at the front of the board? :laughing:

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Would be interested in maybe 6 of them. I’ll update you soon, if it’s confirmed.

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