{Completed} Maytech 6374 Sealed Motors Group-Buy [EU]

How can the price with VAT only be 86 EUR when the price without VAT is 81.9 USD? Isn’t the VAT like 25% on top of the original price?

Edit: what size wire is used for the phase wires?

Dual diagonal :smiley:

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But the phases are too short for that. Hell naw.

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@Mainflow Damn son, go big or go home, eh?

@Murloc992 damn i didnt notice that, i’ll try to get that confimed.

@legend27 i did a subtle USD to EUR conversion there. I’ll double check the number JIC ASAP

Well I have to consult two other guys for this before I hop in. Two motors per person.

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170kv are the MTO6374-170-HA-C motors right? I’m interested in 2 if there’s a EU group buy.

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Any specific reason to not go with the C2 version? (10mm wide axle, 36mm) Or do people just usually go with the 8mm ones?

No other reason besides that’s what she quoted me!

Is the C2 better?

@rey8801 no idea, they look to be the same apart from the axle used. Guess the 10mm one is a bit stronger but from what I’ve read here and the other forum people are using the 8mm ones without problem.

Yeh if it’s only the shaft then no problem. Bend a 8mm shaft is quite a challenge
I would be more focus on magnets used, curve magnets, retain ring ecc…

What if a motor goes over the jordan and does the warranty covers that issue, if it’s not your fault. Where I can contact the right person for that?

That is a very valid question. I’m not completely sure since I’ve never operated a GB before, but I suppose you’d come to me, and I’d go to maytech. Maybe someone could comment on this? @rey8801 perhaps?

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I don’t know how Maytech operates but Chinese companies in general like more to talked with who actually buy it so yes I would suggest to contact you first. Second thing, warranty what? Maybe Maytech is diffent but in my emeroteca is mostly begging for replacement now than actual warranty :grin:

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I’m interessed for 2 EU buyer


So it appears as though enough interest exists to do the group buy! So proceeding. I need to get a final number of the motors that everyone wants.

Calling out those who marked interested


Looking at getting the 170kv versions. So if you’re interested, give me a number so that I can contact Eileen to get an exact quote for the motor prices! Hoping to keep it below 90 to your house, but shipping will be the deciding factor on that.
As a reminder, this is a EU GB
If anyone has any more questions for me or Eileen let me know!



4 of those, please. :slight_smile:

Google form is the way. Maybe already included forum name, name, surname, address, phone number and email so you have everything you need to ship them out. Of course the motor quantity.


For me two of these, but the for others are not confirmed yet. Wait till monday, then I can tell you, what the two other guys anwsered.

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Google form on the way!