CHIMERA | Red Ember Jotnar | Tronic 250R | 24s3p | all the amps

Alrighty folks, time to finally make a thread for this beauty


I rode a friend’s Evolve in mid 2018 and was instantly hooked. Started designing some basic esk8 parts soon after, but didn’t start a build till COVID came around — shoutout to mboards for getting me off the ground. Last fall, I was looking for something more powerful than my 12s + 190kv, so I began looking at HV + larger deck options. One thing led to another, and I started chatting with Jamie.

They say that if you paint something red, it’ll go faster. So I asked Jamie to, and from the ashes rose this:

After collecting parts for about 6 weeks, we got to the rolling chassis state:

  • Truck and mount hardware
  • Hubs
  • Tires
  • Custom hardware + accessories

Then, the Tronic 250Rs finished up at the factory and were shipped. Managed to snag one of the last set of the batch-1 7490s from Artem.

  • Tronic 250R VESC
  • Reacher RT7490 SKP-spec motors (UH45 + Battle hardened)

This is when things started to get exciting. At some point, I stopped documenting, will need to go back in and fill in the gaps. I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

Current state:


  • Red Ember Jotnar + EBP enclosure
  • Pair of Tronic 250Rs
  • 24s3p (100.8v) of 40T (2x 12s3p in series)
  • Hypertrucks with Radium 20mm belt drive
  • Land Surf XCELL hubs + Qinds + Deez Nutz.
  • Flipsky VX2

(This post may be edited in the future as updates arise)

*** 2023 Year End Update: ***


Current thoughts & future revisions:

  • I cannot overstate how much I dislike the current battery setup (see specs above). Yes, that is temporary and will be changed. I decided to use the 12s packs I already had to get the board rolling, and to test different mods + software changes. Recently, I was able to obtain moderately priced Tesla cells, but pack construction with them doesn’t look feasible — they have a <10A CDR/cell. I’m thinking I will stick it out till this autumn, when p45b prices will fall.
  • The VX2 is not a viable solution for a board with so much power available in a split second. While I did use an identical VX2 without issue on my previous build (which has surpassed 1000mi), it just doesn’t inspire confidence on this build. I have held off with upgrading to a puck because it lacks telemetry and has a weird throttle curve. I need to find a viable remote solution asap.
  • Davega will be added soon - whenever I decide to crack open the enclosure next.
  • I’d like to install a datalogging device asap. Looks like the next gen Robo and Metr won’t be ready till next riding season. Ideally would like something that isn’t a beta release, as I’d like to avoid needlessly upgrading through variations wherever possible.
  • The Reachers run quite hot, even on a 12s casual ride. The silicon stranded wires used are bulky and quite inflexible, something that may pose an issue down the line due to the vibrations. Will have to see how they handle over time. Really liking them so far.

This build would not have been possible without yall’s help.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to @jamie @longhairedboy @Skyart @shaman @eBoosted @hummieee @fessyfoo @m_oliver1 @Ac53n @jaykup @jack.luis @Evwan @ShutterShock @Swol_Moon @Shadowfax @fujio001 @glyphiks @iNoLikeFlexyDecks and many more. Glad to be able to participate such a supportive and enthusiastic community on here.

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading. More to come…


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Thing looks like a monster, be careful. Sick selection of parts and I can’t wait till you get this thing perfected! If I figure out my giant go kart tires, this might be a good build to test them out on too!


This thing looks awesome! One of the best stain jobs I’ve ever seen from @jamie - truly beautiful.

Nice parts selection, I don’t think I’ve seen a Tronic build yet

Edit: 24S??? WTF


I totally agree. The stain on this deck is stunning.


jeeeeeeeez…24s…hoooooooly, what are we even doing here, 48s when?


You are an absolute madlad - this is amazing.

Please be careful not to electrocute yourself. 100.8v will hurt like a mofo if you touch it with bare skin, and is quite dangerous.

Have you adjusted the beta thermistor value in VESC tool? The default value is not correct for reacher motors and you will report temps higher than they are in reality. @Skyart knows the correct number.


Thank you, it’s been a blast so far.

I have not adjusted the beta value - will try that. @Skyart what value should they read?

Thx for the warnings about the HV - that’s something I’ve been closely paying attention to. Really would like to install a 24s(+) capable anti spark switch so the battery is isolated, but I didn’t see many options when I looked a while back. So far the QS8s have been fine.


3950 beta value


Ok thx, will try that

Is this going to be the first ever 24S Esk8?


Nice build. Beautiful deck. @jamie outdid himself again!


Man, we have seen beast and monster builds before but we might need to call this something else. Absolutely wicked man.

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Here are a few more images that I forgot to upload-

(Ignore the blue painters tape, that’s just to cover a hole in the foam tray)

Thanks to Artem for the help with the Davega. Thinking of laser etching a small emblem/logo onto the alu housing - like the one @Savage1 recently got.


This thing looks amazing with that stain, looking forward to how this turns out.


@janpom did that for me before he sent it.
Hadn’t seen this build until know. This is totally badass dude. You must be a wild man. (Get a motorcycle helmet for this one)


I know it doesn’t matter, but what top speed is this thing specced for? :sweat_smile: