The TRON | Tayto | DIY Mayhem

Admittedly, I like designing and building much more than I like riding, even with something as crazy as the Chimera (more on that later).

Was messing around in CAD recently and came up with this:

All bits n bobs are CNC aside from the deck (stock Tayto). I have also devised CNC rims, but tire size is tbd. Staying far away from urethane, but there are not many small tire options, so might try the dadbod if/when push comes to shove.

Initial design goals:

  • Deck height at/near axle height for a stable, planted feel
  • Mechanism to allow flexibility of truck baseplate angles
  • Narrow-ish stance

I decided on the name TRON because of the bracket design that resembles the game’s light cycles.

Does anyone see any glaring or otherwise obvious issues with a design like this?

2024: Year of the Dragon! Can’t wait to get things rolling


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I’m not sure what kind of force the tayto will be ok with. You might consider starting out with the Idea deck as the platform to use.


As mentioned above, snag an IDEA deck. Its made for the bending loads that brackets like those create.

Also, manufacturing those will be pricey. Id see if you can maybe just repurpose a gbomb bracket or such for that use case.


Yeah… I am worried about the structural integrity of the Tayto. I have thought of a couple design changes to mitigate stress on the deck, but unsure yet how those will play out

I redesigned the brackets so they can be laser cut & formed (instead of CNC), and it reduced bom cost by over 75% — I think I can make a few more tweaks to reduce the cost of the machined parts

Will post updated CAD later

Id be concerned if youre doing what i think you are. If you’re lasercutting a flat plate and bending it, thats a LOT of plastic deformation you’re gonna put on it, and its gonna be fairly thin. Again, id just buy a metal gbomb bracket, it does exactly what you’re designed.

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You’re right. G-bomb has this design off the shelf for a reasonable price. They have a good selection of decks too.



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I had initially started this endeavor by researching those brackets quite a bit – I don’t like those brackets for a couple of reasons:

Truck baseplates still have to be mounted underneath, which pushes your ride height upwards. This is the main design goal of my project, which integrates the baseplate into the bracket.

Also, bracket size/shape/strength is limited - they are designed for street/push skating, not esk8.

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Could I talk you into a different deck?