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Bumblebee Battery Wholesale (EV battery modules and more!)

Hey all!

This is Benjamin (you may know me from my personal account @MrDrunkenMobster). I’m not new to this community by any means, but this account is! Why? Because I sold out to “the man” and got a corporate dayjob, that’s why! And now I’m here to tell you about something that I hope at least some of yall are at least partially interested in.

Bumblebee Batteries is a company based in Gresham Oregon (just outside of Portland) that has been building and installing Hybrid batteries in a wide range of Hybrid cars since 2012. We build, test, refurbish, install, and recycle all kinds of hybrid batteries, and that has been our core business for many years.

However, over the past few years we have been accumulating many, many batteries which have absolutely nothing to do with that core business of building Hybrid batteries! We have been building up a stock of EV batteries so large that we have had to expand to a second and third warehouse space just to store all of these massive car batteries!

That’s where I come in. I was hired to build a Wholesale EV Battery Sales department from the ground up. We are aiming to compete with the likes of Battery Hookup, Battery Clearinghouse, GreentecAuto, and others, selling repurposed EV battery modules for all kinds of DIY applications (DIY EV’s, solar power storage, UPS, golf cart conversions, RV battery backups, go-karts, etc.).

I know that much of what we sell will be too large for esk8 use, but I know you guys and I love you guys so I wanted to have an excuse to browse the forum while I’m on the clock :wink:

(If my boss is reading this, that was a joke)

Our current sales platforms are:

This is our main website for sales of ready-to-install Hybrid batteries. Yes, the website is in desperate need of a face-lift. I have been told that we are having a brand new website built, and that will hopefully go live in a few months.

The current website doesn’t have a platform for the Wholesale EV Battery sales that I am in charge of, though I have been told that the new website will.

In the mean time, our second sales channel (where you can find all the yummy EV batteries I am talking about) is on eBay:

Currently there isnt much posted, and most of the listings are from before I was hired. I only just started this job, so give me a break here haha. There are literally tons of batteries in our warehouses that I (yes, just me) have to dig through, organize, catalog, research, photograph, write product pages for, and list for sale. It’s gonna take a while for the eBay store to really start filling up :joy:

Anyway, I feel like I have been rambling for too long (as usual, if y’all are familiar with my threads), so I’m gonna leave it here and open it up to questions/comments/requests/etc.

Since this is a vendor thread, and I am at work, I would prefer if this thread could stay a bit more serious than my usual threads :wink: Behave, gentlemen.


Congrats on the new role @MrDrunkenMobster !


Dangit I was not first like here.

Hopefully we don’t turn things sour like we did with @Guy746 (Batteryclearinghouse)


Could you bring over the conversation happening at Ben’s personal thread?


Will you be breaking up some big ass packs into smaller or even individuals?

well its isn’t ON the Esk8 haha


Just wanted to pop in here and confirm that this is a true statement, before anyone starts busting out the tinfoil :wink:

Thanks Jamie! And thanks for approving this vendor thread so fast :slight_smile:

I’m not worried about it. I know you guys, I can take whatever you can dish out :kissing_heart:

Yes, @jamie or @longhairedboy that would be awesome if yall could grab posts #314 to current and drag them over here, that would be awesome! Some buzzy bumblebee clogged up my good christian duck thread.

Link for easy:


I am wondering what kind of safety procedures are followed in battery storage warehouses like this?
Is there a fire alarm that alerts the fire department and how do they know what is contained?


Our general procedure is to tear down the full size car units into battery modules.

For example, we got a whole Tesla Model S sled a bit ago, fully enclosed and freshly un-bolted from the bottom of the car. From there, we tear it down into it’s components and battery modules. In the case of the Tesla, that means a bunch of 6s74p modules. We usually dont tear the modules down any further, because they have more use as a complete battery rather than bare cells.

Some batteries we tear down all the way to the cells, but those are generally for the ready-to-intall Hybrid batteries from our central business.

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I have arrived. Now to twiddle my thumbs until I’m allowed to make a thread.


Am I missing something? I only see a single item and it’s a shitty eneloop pack of batteries

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Nineteen items when I go to their eBay store.


We do both! Our main business is building, rebuilding, and refurbishing batteries for Hybrid cars. However we are trying to move more into the DIY market, so we have been buying up a ton of Li-Ion batteries from recylers and whatnot.

We usually get them as complete units, pulled directly out of a car. From there we open them up, disassemble the whole thing, and pull out the battery modules. We usually dont tear the modules down all the way to the cells, because often times that actually reduces their value (in addition to being difficult and adding a ton of extra labor cost).

As far as your “as-is” question, some battery modules get fully tested (we have a pretty in-depth testing process that I can get more into once I can make my own thread), some just get a quick once-over with a volt-meter to make sure they are at a good storage voltage, and some are not tested or checked in any meaningful way at all. Each listing should tell you the testing status of that batch of batteries*, and the price will also reflect the testing (less testing = massive discount).

*I say “should” because some of the listings currently up were not made by me, and I have not got around to fixing them yet.


So I am missing something

Bumblebee Batteries is going to be much better off with you on board. Get some bro!


Yes. We have 19 active listings (though several of them are not for EV battery modules). I suspect you are not seeing them because of being in Canada (we cant international ship our EV batteries :frowning: ).

Our eneloop batteries are of the highest quality, thank you very much :kissing_heart:


Ayy @BumblebeeBatteries is here to get the Buzziness getngoin!

You need a vendor thread on here.


Thanks Al! I really appreciate it. I want to make it clear: Y’all know me, y’all know I’m committed to safety and to “doing it right” when it comes to batteries. That’s not going to change just because I’m a corporate sellout. I am working with the owner of the company to develop standards for how we test, sort, store, post, and list battery modules. Anyone buying one of our packs should know exactly what they are getting, and be assured of it’s testing (or lack thereof) beforehand.


Bzz Bzz

Working on it bro, gotta hurry up and wait for becoming a level 1 member so I can make a thread haha.


The battery builders club is a super quick read for any new member lmaoo.

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