Bowery Surf Launch! - Adjustable Baseplates for TorqueBoards DD, Caliber 2, Raptor 2, & SurfRodz!

Hey everyone!

In stock and shipping now. This batch I only made them in blue and red since that’s what got the most interest, but I’ll have a few more colors to choose from in the next run. If you PM me this holiday weekend, I’ll send you a discount code for free shipping if you’re in the U.S.

I’ve got a bunch of the adjustable baseplates ready to go out.

These are designed to fit:

TorqueBoards DD

Raptor 2

Caliber 2



About time people start making these.
Tkp available soon?



TKP coming soon for sure.


@b264 one set of these would cover two short boards since you don’t really need it on the front with short wb.


Still getting them dialed in but these things are so nice.


Loving these baseplates. Wish i had a more appropriate deck for them tho.(or build)

Something like the ChooChoo Short AT small batch GB
Or a Lacroix would be great.

But i also loved having adjustable baseplates on my drop through hummie deck. The extra baseplates height makes a huge difference for clearance on drop through decks not to mention helping with stability at high speeds even on tkp going 40mph.

I want adjustable baseplates on all my boards.


Welcome… That what I am doing too :grin:


I know you’re just about out of your adjustable baseplates @rey8801
Luckily @mikenyc has some readily available.
To think a year ago you couldn’t find them to save your life. Now everyone can have them.

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I know that’s why I made them. When I dreamed the deck there was nothing available and was time to do something about it. I guess the idea liked a lot :blush:


And that deck of yours really needs them.

Idk if everyone who signed up for it already has your adjustable baseplates but if not at least there’s somewhere to get them.

Well SZ dropped the damn ball. Their loss. We have all moved on.

This should be up by tomorrow!


of course first round went out before to all the other adj plate out now :wink:. You can see all the pictures in the first post of the 2nd round.

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@mikenyc ETA for SR TKP?

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Oh I’ve followed your thread closely.
Good product. Looks clean.

If anybody who ordered your new deck needs a set of baseplates send them over here since you’re all cleaned out lol. :wink:

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I really wanna see a hummie deck with hummie motors on adjustable baseplates…

The TB-DD-Lacroix looks dope


I have a couple of sets left.

What? Tkp baseplates are done?

Oh, no not yet. I will finish the TKP up after my move. Things are crazy.

@Grozniy I have 4 sets of SR left.

For anyone looking for Caliber’s I have 8 sets of those remaining!


Also something for people to consider is @3dservisas makes Fatboy 230/240 hangers that are caliber based. For Gear Drive builds that need more width than calibers offer, this is a good option paired with some of your caliber adjustable base plates.