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Boardnamics Precision 220mm Caliber II Hangers

So the hanger is shot nothing to have now?
No u can’t be serious. Are u?

The hanger is not used yet. Come on,. This can be.


I lost a hanger the exact same way, I feel ya. There is a chance you can still get it out without completely screwing up the hanger, but like I said, the threads are probably mangled at this point.

You can read it all somewhere on the forum, but I ended up cleaning a lot of junk out of my threads on my other hanger and another pair of hangers. They’ve been problem free since, but bd didn’t help me out at all, just told us all to buy new hangers (from which I abstained).

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Any home DIY idea I can try?

Maybe if you have a press or a hack-saw.

Drill a hole on the hanger to make air flow. I read somewhere about a vacuum. Or is it BS?

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Worth a shot if you’ve accepted the hanger is FUBAR. This could be contributing to the thread bind/galling, but once it’s stuck, it definitely isn’t just vacuum pressure keeping it in there.


If you put your thumb over the grub screw hole on Surfrodz hangers it creates the same vacuum effect

Fun fact…


So it won’t work?

No idea Im just offering useless information to the forum


It would let you get 3-in-1 oil or the like onto both ends of the axle :man_shrugging:


probably not wasted, just galled the bore a bit with dirt or something.

get some oil in there and turn slowly to work it in. maybe grab the bolt head with some vise grips and work it out.

A hydraulic press as the last resort will get it out

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I was able to spin the bolt and provide a pulling force at the same time. Just kinda pulling up on the Allen wrench while turning I was able to get it out.

I get to do it with someone else’s hangers soon oh boy


If it makes anyone feel better, I havent sold a hanger with shoulder bolts since I got the new axles in. You early adopters got a hard bargain…

In other news, 280mm hangers are coming :kissing_heart:


That sounds good for new buyers but we that already bought it from u earlyer . How did u get it out? Have this happened to u personally?

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100% honest, it has never ever happened to me, and I have tried so many different hangers and bolts. It also never happened to my homie @iamsalmon during the testing phase. I recognized it as an issue so I fixed it with a new axle.

Add oil and twist it around. If you got it far out enough, threads should have nothing to do with this.
I think the biggest thing that happens with these is that the start of the bolt is not chamfered enough. Any sharp edge will shred the inside of the soft aluminum hole. I have cranked as hard as I can on the bolt and have yet to strip any threads out.


hows your sealed belt drive coming along?
they sound tasty with the 280mms :slight_smile:

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I stripped the threads out trying to use a metroboard pulley. I wish i had never bought that “push fit” bullshit.

I think yeah high precision + soft alu bore + skater grime/corrosion = getting stuck apparently

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I tried olive oil trick did not help.
Tried bones bearing speedcream and it worked I got it out.
But I don’t know if I dare to use it again.

I Asked @Boardnamics for some replacement shafts (no
axel bolts) did not get the answer just got to know that the new 280 mm are out soon. Ööö just what I needed for now 🤦 .


@Boardnamics I have 2 of the adjustable baseplates waiting for a build. Any way I can send my stock back to you and get the newer (safer) version with the pin?