Boardnamics Precision 220mm Caliber II Hangers

I have always wanted a pair of these and now I am able to provide them to the masses :smiley:

Here is what I am excited to introduce:

The BN220 is a precision hanger designed to be a drop-in replacement for Caliber II trucks. They’re wider, machined from 1 piece of aluminum, and have adjustable shoulder bolt axles. Dual 6380 with 15mm belts are supported, as well as support for a variety of pneumatic wheels and bearing pulleys. The hanger shares the same cross section as caliber II, only square to make machining easier.

Material: CNC Machined 6061-T6
Overall Length (including axles): 325mm
Hanger Length: 220mm
Axle: 8mm x 70mm Alloy Steel Shoulder Bolt
Axle Length: 44mm-50mm
Weight: 290g

The pictures are just the sample piece, we are getting them anodized black for the final order. They will be available for purchase in 2-3 weeks :slight_smile: There will be combo deals on motor mounts and hangers



Will they be the same color/texture of the stealth mounts? Will the sharp edges get taken down? What will it be for a set of 2 hangers and 2 mounts? And can you elaborate on the notched profile as opposed to the radiused profile of the hangar arms?

Damn those look sexy though



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The texture is smoother for sure. They will be anodized and there are no sharp edges on this thing. To be clear, these are not made by me and made on machines that are far more sophisticated than what I have.

Price on a hanger set and idler stealth mounts would be $139.99. Slight discount

The hanger has a square notch that imitates the arched profile. This makes them much easier from a manufacturing standpoint with no change in how mounts fit.


Presumably you’d modify your clamp for this hangar as that shape will provide a significantly better clamping surface than the rounded top of a standard caliber?


These are sexy af. Will you do a truck and mount bundle?

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That means more manual labor for me, lol

My clamps will remain unchanged as there was no reason to alter them. I did several test fits and the overall fit feels better than the cast ones, likely because its machined piece on machined piece.

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I understand this but test fit is not test ride of 100 miles to see if they hold


We will get someone to ride them before we go through with production. Odds are they will perform even better now that there’s a more uniform gripping surface.


So it looks like I wont work with normal caliber trucks?

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Can you elaborate? Sorry I don’t know what you mean

So the square thing on the hanger just in prototype?

That’s the final design. All caliber II stuff fits it perfectly. I will upload a drawing later that goes further in detail

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This is all the awesome. And just in time! @Boardnamics you make me so happy. Was gonna buy from keuglis but now I don’t have to. YERP


Well done and unbeatable price. I can not even get the material need it for that price :rofl: you must have a secret source.
Smart the top face solution. That makes the tool path so easier and faster compare to use a ball nose mill


@Boardnamics Those look really nice. Have you had anyone test the hangers to see how the shoulder bolts hold up and if they might bend? It seems like most of the 8mm extended axles on trucks have a tendency to bend, except the TB 218s, but those have 48mm axles which are effectively 38mm without the threaded ends, so a bit shorter than these.

How far in do the shoulder bolts go in the hanger, or what is the effective axle length for a 70mm shoulder bolt?

Are you going to offer 10mm axle versions for some of us fluffier American types? :elephant:


I was also wondering about us heavier riders. 220lbs (100kg) rider plus 35lbs (15kg) of cargo plus board weight (25lbs / 11kg) means you can have a lot of stress on truck hangers.

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We are getting @Bobby to try these out. Maybe we can strap on a backpack full of weighs to really push these things.

You get an effective axle length of 44-50mm with 70mm shoulder bolts. A good 26mm of the shoulder is in the hanger. There is an additional 11.25mm inside for the thread. Also worth mentioning, the tolerances of the axle hole and bolt are perfect. You can actually hear a pop from the air when you take them out. This means the bolt is well supported by the hanger. Don’t know what steel most axles are made out of, but the shoulder bolts are grade 12.9 which is a very high strength steel.


Im 210 lbs on a good day… closer to 215 with clothes and shoes. I have some weights i can add to a backpack to make it closer to 275