BoardNamics Bash n Splash guards!

Hey! I decided to spend a little time to protecc tho BN gds, so over the weekend, I made some motor/ gd guards for them!

Here’s where to find all you need :wink:

I have plans to make a “beefyish” version soon as time permits, as well as a whet version with wheel slpashy splashy guards! (atm that would likeliy take a goooooooooooooooood couple hours to print, but it’ll improve over time, might make different versions for anywhere from 97-110mm wheel diameter)

I print mine @ .2mm layer height, @ 32%+ infill, but use your own judgement.

If you don’t have a printer and want some, just hit me up!
$8 a pair + shipping (should be roughly $8 as well, depending on how many you’d like to cop)


Thank you! I had been meaning to design and print some of these and these look great :smiley: Honestly might hit you up because my printer is broken, I’ll let you know


bet bet!

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I wish other gear drive guards also included a lip to protect the motors like your design has. Well done!


send me a unit and I can try to throw a design together :wink:


Want this for the M1 AT :heart_eyes:


@poastoast your stuff is always top notch :star_struck:

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Any chance you have some belt covers for belt driven BN mounts…

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i don’t, sorry… :pleading_face:

opportunity to upgrade to M1s tho :wink:

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Well I do have the same files for it… but don’t have a 3D printer…

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Alright, I want a set. @poastoast I’d be down to order a set from you. :thinking:

what do you think about a tube cut in half to protect the whole can? Then drill a ton of lightening holes out and put lights in it?

one tube good for AWD or you and a friend 2wd

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dm me! i’ll go through the order with you :blush:

send me the files, i should be able to print some :slightly_smiling_face:

@poastoast , you may want to increase the thru holes from 4.0mm exactly. Typically, close-fit 4mm thru holes are 4.3mm dia.

If it’s designed to use the bolt head as a retainer, no need to make it an interference fit as well.

Also, regarding fasteners:
The M1 GD uses M4x12mm long bolts. The thickness of these guards is 2.4mm. With the 15mm long bolts you recommend, you’re going to have some extra length poking out the other side, on the front and bottom fasteners. Depending on the clock position of the motor, that extra length may put pressure on the motor cabling, which is pressed hard up against that plate.

I’d recommend decreasing the thickness of the guard to 2.0mm exactly in order to use 14mm long fasteners without any potential interference. Or you could update the design to not use the fasteners at all. VHB tape or silicone adhesive will probably secure these just fine, potentially better spread over the whole inside mounting face.


i’ll take a peek at updating the design soon as I can!

work’s still taking a bit of adjustment

lots of projects I really want to get done :wink:
AT’s hopefully gonna be made soon too! i’ll make a poast once I have those made as well


Very interested in these XXL versions if you’re selling them. Went down to 100mm wheels and my drives and motors are taking a beating. These look perfect for the 6355s I’m running.


you’d like the guards to completely cover your motors? or were you talkin bout the AT version (i have that in the works rn) i think i can do :blush:
i’ll get to it soon as i’m off work, got lots to do! :yum:


I’m thinking cover the whole motor - this is on the original M1 urethane drive.

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got it! i’ll get on that

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