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Best way to mount esk8 gearboxes to bikes karts and robots.

I forgot to make a model of this today but I will get that done asap. I was thinking about how to put BN M1-AT drives onto a mini bike that would run through a final chain reduction.

I think if you were to make a CNC part for this it would just be a 22x22 profile with two or more M6/8 bolt holes to secure that part to the frame. Then just a single bolt to take the gearbox off to service.

I had a brief hope that I could buy rectangular extrusion with 22x22 outside dimensions, but this does not seems to exist.


Oh I thought of the cheapest and the laziest way but not for the hopefully universal 22x22 profile mounting.

For the BN M1-AT you can use the 270 adapter and buy a beat up hanger from someone then cut it up and get at least two but probably 4 gearbox mounts out of it. I would not imagine this method to be crazy robust due to drilling into the small hanger to mount it.

Why would you wast money on gear drives just to run it through a chain reduction?


Because I already wasted the money on gearboxes. The idea being you just invest in esk8 gearboxes then keep using them wherever you can.

To provide more detail on the mini bike it is super old and has a triple stage (belt-chain-chain) reduction to tractor tread tires and the chain to the rear wheel is 50 roller chain That is wayy too big to get a sprocket on a little 63mm outrunner. It does not need the power offered by a bigger motor, and yes I could put a bare outrunner onto the existing triple stage reduction but I like the idea of using an esk8 gearbox for this project, as a proof of concept for other conversions and such.

Besides the reasons to use an initial gearbox reduction before the chain drive on this project there is just no talk on here about how to use our gearboxes on stuff besides our boards. Mounting, output adapting and all that is what should be covered in this thread.

Epoxy and milled glass fiber fixes all problems.

21st century duct tape


sounds like a good one off solution

I am trying to figure out if anyone has better ideas than this:

60mm long in that pic, it should prob be nearer to 80 or 100mm

if you wanted to for instance, convert a go kart/drift trike to electric.

Then later, unconvert it from electric and you don’t end up with some random powertrain you can just put them onto the next project easily.

It sound interesting, but very difficult to understand differents between board and carat. Please share more pictures.

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Esk8 board has trucks made to mount the gearbox already. Go karts do not have that so you need to make a part to mount it using the press fit or otherwise use the case screws. This thread is to figure out how to mount them to stuff that is not a board.

It is clear how skate trucks look:) more or les it is clear how cart looks. But still not clear where You would like to positioned it on cart. Close to motor? Or on some extended frame close to wheels? I would like to help You but just because on this information it is difficult.


I am not thinking so much about where the gearbox is mounted than to HOW it is mounted. The mount should work for as many things as possible. More than one mount design is needed but should be general purpose.

here is a better version of what I had in my head besides the fake hanger.

don’t ask how to assemble it… prob without the motors lol. or another opening for assembly.

One case screw would need to be modded to be flush, should be possible at home with just a drill.


Hmm. This looks realy interesting. What about some linear guides and lock it them by screw?

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you don’t mean true linear bearings haha I get you just mean slots to mount it.

this is a larger version 3"x4" extrusion just about fitting 63100 motors, previously was 3x3 fitting 6374.

that has truck mounting 2.5x1.625 pattern making outputs go sideways or fwd/back

Allowing you to mount some sort of additional powered mechanism to an Esk8. Perhaps a propeller for the amphibious Esk8

A suspension designed around this this with drive shafts would be something to keep in mind. Both a lean to steer and handlebar input based system could be made from that. Or also maybe something like the E-Flexboardz could be a good idea.

I bet there is a great thread to talk about that…

Depend on Your possibilities. But my idea was to have this mount made by cnc milling machine, which will allow You to have simple guide which will fix this mount in two directions. Than You will need just one or 2 screws rotated 90deg to fix it the last moving direction. Unfortunately to less time to make 3D. I will try to do hand made sketch. The same fixing principle which You can find on screen or TV wall mount. I saw this design also from sheet metal but it was made with special stamping tool. I have a plan use it also for vesc box mount on my mountain board.

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I almost kinda know what you meant.

these two parts, fake hanger profile and the clamping block should make your design I think… Then that goes on the simple extrusion or something else.

Sorry for my delay, I will share some pictures this weekend. But You are not far away :slight_smile:

I hope it is clear. I tried to adapt it on Your needs with metal sheet. But Iam afraid that in case of metal sheet can be in this system vibration. Therefore will be better use instead of metal sheet some plate with conical thickness. In case of conical thickness and conical width of mount, Yo will have self deviation absorbing fixation. [Uploading: D3747E51-7829-405E-BB.(upload://cpp36HTssHYeFbp6TyBbao7IY3f.jpeg)

Sure fixation base need to be some way fix to wehicle frame. It is one part more but it could solve difficult mounting. With this system you can fast change motors between more application.

Slots in Your proposals are also useful, like this. Do it shorter more time and use just two screws from top. Just must to solve vibration.

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