E-Flexboardz mechanic

Hi guys,

This is a nomad post from the old forum. But the progresses of my project have been so erratic and slow that I have to adapt to Esk8 weblife.

At least, it gives me the opportunity to initiate it in the right chapter, Esk8 mechanic and not Esk8 built, first as it is not really electric so far and, moreover, as it’s its main objective/interest…

To explain my project, I have to confess that in a previous life, I have developped a leaning wheel design and produced (sort of) mountainboards, mainly for powerkiting, under the Flexboardz brand and (sort of) 3 wheels electric scooters named FlexScoot (with Ebike components). It was before the boardriding world collapsed, in the post 2007 crisis era.

The short video below summarize the story. Other vidéos on the Flexboardz youtube page will give more details.

So, one year ago, I dug some of my old protos out of the garage to mix them and adapt the result to the RC powered Esk8 needs.

The main objectives of this project were to benefit from the exisiting swing arms/motormount (with a bit of modifications) and existing battery case/hollow deck (with a bit of modifications). I thought that with a clean gear transmission, it could make a nice board, with well integrated E-stuff.

So I took a bit of foam and resin and made a new Flex deck, surfer style (low tech garage), installed old proto parts on it, was happy with the result and planned to order modified arm/mounts and electric components soon…


I dream of an control arm steering

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Having control on a board is a dream…

What do you mean by “control arm steering”?

the way the wheels are attached to arms. Rather than solid axles on king pins. THe BMW streetcarver is a good example

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You are right : iIndependent wheels vs rigid axle (truck)makes a lot of difference.

Are you in the US? Was kiteboarding ever a thing here? Seems like Europe and the UK still have kiteboard communities.


South west France…

You are right, powekiting was mainly european (UK, north Europe) as you need wide windy flat space (ie beach with tide) and cold water (otherwise you go kiting).
In the US, it happened on east and west coast (Washington, Oregon and Carolina)…few dry lakes also, but never really kicked up ( in spite of a large kite community). I don’tknow why.


Then, like most of you know, once you start modifying/improving, one problem/solution leading to another possibility/problem, time stretched (not to mention the productivity during summertime, on the basque coast…).

Since I had to modify the Flex structure (the deck in particular) for E-boards application, I had also the opportunity to integrate few improvements/fonctions that I’ve experimented in the past years.

In particular, the possibility to use different wheel diameters, for urban or AT ride, from 9" to 6" (or less), with the same riding confort (deck position/height, RTC (return to center), lean/steer ratio, bindings?, more?) was temptating.

Changing Flex deck position in height, roll or pitch is theoritically easy but not very convenient in real life (without toolbox) on past models (we used it for powerkiting though).

Same problem for RTC, return to center (equivalent to tigthening skate trucks/bushings), I had fonctional systems but not really convenient.

Same for binding : hooks and/or straps

My objective evolved also a bit, to make a “plug in” board where it is possible to integrate standard electric components (motor, esc, battery) or wheels.

For the time being, I’m concentrated on 2 options, for the same board : E-mtb with 9"/8" wheels + long/stable wheelbase for AT and 6"/7" wheels + short/maniable wheelbase for urban ride.

Short wheel base for 7"/6" wheels (I have to change the tires to 7")

NB: it’s prototype stage so parts are fonctionnal, straight, sharp, massive…but it will improve.

Finally, the Flex frame is enough advanced that I can order the electric package (I was delaying, waiting for motors with long shaft >40mm).

I will also have to update my old stock of hubs, tires, wheels,… to make it a bit more sexy.


Good to see you and your project here, Patrick. I matched your trust level from the old forum.



That’s a lot of dedication and some impressive results right here! Keep it up! Looking forward to carve one of your inventions someday.


Very small communities here and there. Analog MTB is niche as is so Kiteboarding even more so.

There was a good group of guys I used to ride with out at the dunes in Florence on the Oregon coast.

My first exposure to MTBs actually, back in like 2006-07?

My knees will never forget those times.


Oregon is such a beautiful place…
One of Flexboardz importer,Bigkidkite, was located there.

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I forgot to add board dimensions, in each configuration :slight_smile:
NB: on a Flex, changing arm length is like changing pivot angle on a truck, so short arms version is much more maniable :


I had to reinforce the deck as it was too light (only 1 kg) and to improve the “heatsink”.

Now, it’s time to reassemble all the parts into a board.


Super keen to see you progress with this dude, looks like an awesome board.

Did you ever sell any in Australia? I want one :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your kind words (I will shorten my saturday nap and go back to workshop).

If someone is curious enough to test my boards, I won’t get stopped by 15000 km or sensitive custom officers (more seriously, I’ve already sold Flexboardz in Australia, years before…).

Moreover, as I plan, at first, to sell frames+ transmission(?) (you probably already have battery, esc, wheels…and are skilled/tooled to assemble/built), it should fit in a small/light box so air freight/custom should be affordable.


Fuck yeah dude, I would definitely be keen to build one out. Won’t be financial for a month or so, Christmas has killed me, but definitely early next year :+1:

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Thanks mate.
Don’t worry, I won’t be material for a month or so either (same cause). I have first to assemble all this and make it rolling with style…
Back to workshop.


sign me up!
are you CA based?

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I would also be interested in buying the kit mentioned

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