Any recommendations for enclosure mounting hardware?

Does anyone have any recommendations for enclosure mounting hardware?

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There’s about 10 different threads on it. Try the search button.

Here’s a start:


Depends what the setup is

I have personally switched to just using M5 bolts and just drill hole through deck, similar to mounting trucks.

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This. Threaded inserts have a tendecy to screw themselfs out, even if you glue them in.

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I can say, I have seen inserts back out. Buuuut, I have never had one back out that I installed myself. This is credited to a few things. Using the appropriate inserts for the material you’re inserting into. Using the CORRECT (not the closest size you can find) bit. Having a straight hole. And using the appropriate “gluing” agent if you so call for.

Inserts are tricky to master and if not done properly, you will have issues.


I found that if you don’t aligne the screw perfectly to the thread in the insert, and the screw bites, you’re gonna pull that insert out right away. So for a newcomer to DIY drill through and bolts are the most user frendly experience.

The greatest Esk8 vender of all of them. Torqueboards.

how dare you run out of stock…


That’s called cross threading and an instant issue if not caught. Again, if they are not installed properly, you will have issues.

I’ve struggled with inserts, especially on boards that have any sort flex. Flexing ads a whole other component of issues with inserts in my experience. If anyone’s got any tips on that plz pass them my way. Untill then I’ve also switched to drilling and mounting through the deck


Drill the clearance holes in the enclosure slightly oversized and use fender washers on the screws, to allow the deck and enclosure to move a little independently. This will help prevent the deck-flex/enclosure-shift from exerting extreme lateral loads on the screws, and thus on the inserts.

It won’t negate those forces entirely, but it should reduce them.


What’s the best screws for the enclosure to ensure nothing will come off during riding and will securely keep it in place without damaging the enclosure from warping over time?

For coming off during a ride it sounds like you should be more concerned with loctite than the type of screws. For an enclosure where the load isn’t that high and it’s spread between many screws, you can use stainless steel bolts if you like. No corrosion, hard and strong enough, shiny. For load bearing stuff though like attaching trucks, stainless is too soft and you should use a decent steel like 10.9 or 12.9. You can also use these here, from other peoples’ anecdotes it doesn’t seem like corrosion is a huge issue for us.

Strong materials stops stuff breaking (doesn’t really happen for an enclosure) but loctite/threadlocker stops stuff vibrating loose and that very much does happen. Search for some topics on threadlocker, but I just use blue loctite + nylon locking nuts

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@Venom121212, you got a link to your sex bolts?

Second this. But to add to it, flexible gaskets in between the board and enclosure help it as well. Doing both can, most times, eliminate that issue. But that depends on how flexy you’re talking.

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uxcell Screw Post Fit for 5/16"(8mm) Hole Dia, Male M6x25mm Binding Bolts Leather Fastener Carbon Steel Black 10 Sets

I used the 25mm ones along with some big metal and rubber washers to keep them from vibrating loose or letting water in.

It has worked great for holding my huge 12s9p brick in place for a year now


@longhairedboy has a video I’ll see if I can find it

TLDR; I use brass threaded inserts, stainless bolts, stainless flat washer, add cone or countersink washer to flavor. the anodized cone or countersink washers are for flavor only. They look nice but don’t skip the flat washer.


I tested these on my board the other day for my next season board project. Epoxy under these and they will never ever spin even with loctite on the bolts. I countersunk about 1mm. Then i’ll fill in over the inserts flush, then griptape etc. over. A permanent clean internal mounting solution.



are these considered fender washers? Similar to what I use