Longboard hardware: Nuts bolts washers and screws

Adding this here in case anyone is looking for a reference about longboard standard sizes and a sourcing:

This post does not include speed washers, but you can get a 100 pack of those for cheap off Amazon. I accidentally bought 2 packs. If anyone needs, happy to gift you as many as you need, just pay shipping.

Note: be carful not to get Philips head screws. Except of stripped heads really are your kinda thing.


Nice post! If people just do a bit of research they can save money!

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I spent $100 at boltdepot so I would never have to buy skateboard hardware again. 100% worth it, and still one of the cheaper (e)skate purchases I’ve made.

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to be honest, I’ve been living with Philips head screws for decades for mounting hardware, and they’ve been perfectly adequate. You just have to replace them every now and then, let’s say every 5 deck/truck swap, and it’s mostly for the fresh nylock nuts more than the stripped heads.
I’d say, just be careful not to use a Philips screwdriver from the dollar store.
And it’s also even more important to get the right bolt length, so that there’s no more than a couple of mm poking out of the nut. Otherwise curbs, and street abuse will damage the threading.

That’s a good point, thank you!