Adjustable Stability [Storm of Brains]

Been discussing this with @kook

I’d like to adjust my trucks on the fly so that I can basically turn the board into a unturnable speed machine for going fast safely. But be able to increase turnability when slowing down.

My idea so far is to mount a ~100mm linear actuator under the front truck with a rack and pinion system for the front bushing nut. Seems very simple and parts even exist for it.
Though it is quite cumbersome.

@kook mentioned adjusting base plate angles is a way of doing it. And also using hydraulics. But I personally can’t think of a simple way to implement it.

If anyone has any ideas that would be great. Otherwise I’ll be thinking this through and using this thread as a place to put my research

Its happening.


Hex but gear for the pinion

Linear actuator for the rack

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Kingpin nuts since they affect the speed

Oh I didnt read this

typical king pin nuts use a 9/16" wrench


yeah width across flats in 9/16" for a 3-8/24 UNF Kingpin


Hmm I feel like swapping for a 1/2" but is doable assuming the right thread exists.

Was also thinking about using nylon-less nuts . But that depends ont he linear actuator I suppose

make us a sketch where you plan on putting the rack and pinion…

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At work rn… Ill do a tinker cad mockup by the end of the day.

Heres the actual actuator I would likely use

the collapsed length is roughly the sidance from the center to start of shoulder for a standard TB 218 calibers.
and the fully extended length is 200mm .

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oh my gawd… what rabbit hole did I fall into…

High quality 12/24V dc sex machine linear actuator electric linear actuator


Maybe one of these right angle actuators would work better, wheel see

“on the fly” as in adjusting while ur still riding? How would you control the linear actuators? 2nd remote?

If not, regular adjustable baseplates will do fine? Its like one screw/nut to adjust it.
Something like this:

control would ultimately be done by a MCU, getting speed data from the ESC. Power through a relay from battery

The idea is not to have to get off the board , nor even touch anything at all. At first it will likely just be a simple control to the MCU and then later work on a UART interface but thats only if the mechanics work out

Why not just put an adjustable steering damper on the trucks and have a remote adjuster?

how do these work? I saw them on the Race boards discussion.
do they actually stabilize the ride?
DO they just reduce wobbles, or will they actually reduce max lean?
This might just be the answer Ive been looking for…


THis has been done and discussed.
I should have researched first


@MoeStooge uses an electric motorcycle steering damper on his race boards at a fixed voltage. It might be possible to vary this voltage with suitable electronics.

I imagine that someone who has their shit together (ie not me) can jury rig it with a microcontroller to vary the voltage based on either the speed of the wheels, or the position of a secondary potentiometer on the rider’s handheld controller

Edit: Stooge Raceboards V-4

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Calling @MoeStooge

Which of your dampeners are electronically adjustable? Looks like the v4 board has fixed dampeners?

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He uses a Honda cbr1000 steering damper. I think between 5-7v. Not sure if they are on front and rear.