80s Sandwich | Metallica Dogtown 80s | Blank Deck Enclosure | Independent 215mm trucks | ABEC 76mm | 12S1P 30T | MakerXDual | 5545 | Metr Pro

was laying out some parts for another build and this sort of took shape…

I want something with true skate-park capabilities… that is leaving the ground, wall rides and maybe even right rail slides if I get the enclosure right :smile:

Deck Metallica Dogtown 80s Style
I love this modern 80s concave

13s1p of Samsung 30T cells (21700/3000mAh/35A) possibly overkill but it is a Metallica deck after all lol

Waterproof Balance BMS

I want something that I can forget is there and can take skate-park grade abuse , can’t think of anything better than a skateboard I always wanted to try this but couldn’t find a cheap enough deck but recently found this Blank 80s similar style deck…

76mm ABEC Fflywheels with some APS 32t pulleys

Drive Train
Undecided but small 55xx Motors either disposal cheap or battle hardened Holy St ones. Trucks and mounts… has to be TKP and clearance on mounts is key… other than thinking about welding some I have no idea what I will end up doing


Very interesting build. For motors maybe RacerStar 5065?


I did a sandwich build once and it was amazing. Have fun.

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So you are going to use standoffs to attach the 2 decks?

That makes me worry about torsional flex…good luck!

Wil trucks mount to top or bottom deck?
Loving this btw. I have similar ideas for a park board.
Might wanna make a skid plate for the motors.
Excited to see this completed.

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i didn’t know Dogtown did a Metallica, i had the Zorlac Metallica one million moons ago, that had an interesting shape…


This was the revelwaukee my first real build. She was 4x4. Hub motor in fron and 160 kv belt drive in the rear. I used some old rails i found around my house to attach everything together and left just the right amount of space as to not crush anything. There was no flex but befor i burnt the rear motors she was pushing 35-40 mph and could climb a nice grade no problems.


Yes but the bottom deck is getting cut before battery and after for so it just and enc


I love that this mixes hubs and betls! :smile:

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So the trucks will be connected to the top deck?

yes, these parts are getting trimmed off (I might save the tail for a tail saver to mitigate the 76mm size)

I plan on using nutserts and skate hardware at the circled points, nutserts would be overkill if the bottom part was not going to take a load - I only have some cheap alu standoff to try this with but plan on getting ones I trust


excellent idea!

Im stuck on what the trucks right now, would love to use something like this

EDIT: I’m posting this build to make sure I get this done, I have others that are getting there but this one is getting some of my time :wink:


Yeh I also got the kicktail fever. Planning something similar. Not sure between 40T and 30T. I would like 12s2p but then the save in weight is basically 300g from a 12s3p 30Q cells :sweat_smile:


Honestly when it comes to a board you can use in the skate park, 6s or 8s would probably be plenty… weight os a hug factor of you wanna do tricks


True. Not really planning skatepark but it has to do 10-11 km range of fun. Have torque. Speed 40kmh is fine. So I can destroy it in the city :grin:. Mainly manual and jump from curbs. The destroy part is me tasting the ground and smashing the board.
I was also thinking to reuse the Meepo hubs I still have. With belt or similar I am afraid I will touch them doing stupid things. Main problem I want 85mm max on thst board so


I think I need to go weigh the parts with different s configs.

My 13s was based 2 hour session, my only real park is indoors and I might end up having to rent it privately for 2 hours :slight_smile:

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Just did a quick one arm lift test between 13s and 8s … 8s I did after and almost dropped it as it was much lighter expected :smile:

So I think i should make 2x 8s1p and swap if needed

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I used Indy 215’s on my cabellero deck. Had to modify to fit motor mounts, but they are excellent trucks. Highly recommended my friend! Will be watching this build. Also love the wheels. I have a set. Decided to go to the 83’s. Easier to dial in speed/torque with the gearing, plus more plush for short commutes.

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I think you just made my mind up, going to give them a go :smile:

@Skunk I put some random trucks, 5055 motors mounts together when it’s all there a few cells feels like nothing, I’m going for a 7s1p and a 13s1p - best of both worlds and will def get me thru a decent session :smile:

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This may be considered sacrilegious,
check out Ace 55 or 66’s, i think the hanger profile will require less modification.

I’d ridden Indy’s for over 30 years, damn i’m old!
for the last 2 years i’ve been riding Aces and loving them.

almost perfectly round hanger

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