3D printables for esk8

Sure, if you get a fatigue failure that would totally kill the stiffness ofc.

I’d roughen the surface of the print, or print notches into it so that the epoxy gets ‘teeth’, rebar style.


For anyone who did or didn’t see my post about a lid that can house DRI’s gotchipro it’s now available to anyone who wants the .STL.(I just posted it into thingiverse so it may take a beat to show on the page)

VESC ESK8 top mount enclosure by itouchtreesforscience - Thingiverse


are trees conscenting though ?


No vegetation was harmed in the making of this user name.


Hey guys, been a while, long long hellish move but finally getting back around to some builds. Anybody point me in the direction of pulley STLs for Bergmeisters? Haggyboard page and links to files there seem to all be dead.

There’s one on thingiverse but appears to be scaled tiny and no responses from author as to what scale is necessary to compensate, don’t feel like printing 50 nearly correct ones to try and figure it out lol.


I’ve got a file. Made some slight changes to the original but only to enhance the strength in some areas.

Thought I had uploaded it here but can’t find it. My PC is currently broken but it’ll be fixed by next week and I can send over my files :slight_smile:

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Would be much appreciated, thanks man!

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Honestly this makes me wonder if we don’t need a dedicated repository for esk8 related 3dp models etc… lots of great models have been shared over the years but so many lost as well.

I’m not really competent with site coding or anything, but do have access to a basically unlimited, legacy dreamhost account I can use as much as I want, if anyone wanted to work up a basic one for us. :man_shrugging:

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Made these to fit a Rubbermaid FastTrack system. Designed for 200x50 wheels/tires. I printed mine out of ABS and they work great. If anyone is interested I can post or host the files somewhere.


Add them to the wiki :slight_smile: Futureproofing and stuff

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Fuck yeah! FastTrack is holding a bunch of my boards currently but I like this design. Please share when you can.


@Linesflag @Venom121212 Here you go - I just uploaded the STL to Printables.



Figured out the otang dadbod wheel geometry if anyone wants it. Comes out as a snug friction fit right off the print bed of my Ender 3 S1 pro, no sanding or postprocessing needed.


Will be interesting to see if it holds up.

Im not intending on using an actual 3d printed part for my uses, but if someone else wants to, go nuts

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60T Pulley Revised.stl (2.5 MB)
bergmeister_60T_pulley.stl (662.3 KB)
bergmeister_60T_pulley.stp (727.8 KB)

This should be mine plus the originals. If you want the step for mine I can throw that in too, just hmu


I designed and am currently printing 83a esun TPE (not tpu, a chemist knows… @jamie ? Or not that kind of chemistry?) AT Mountainboard pads with groves for wires and attention paid to binding mounts.

Designed for MBS 97 pro and haero bro. I saw the Apex board tpu printed pads for $80ish USD.

“I have a printer and skateboard why not diy?” :roll_eyes:. 50% scaled mock-up and filament tune test took 2 hours for one pad on a bambu x1c with a modified bambu TPU tweaked profile, 0.6mm nozzle.

For a set of 2 TPU pads printed with normal walls, 15% percent grid infill, 16hrs to melt 340gm of elastomer?!?

Are you pulling my creality ender 7 nozzle at 250mms2 or is this reality?

I’m guessing the apex pads were as reasonably priced as the jump drives. Asking for bambu tpu/TPE print advice, or I’ll post in 32 hours, 780gm lighter with draft pads mk1.

Even George thought something was off.


I “accidentally” printed TPU on my Bambu P1P with the PETG profile. It worked out totally fine.


I used the high temp plate and the tpu did NOT want to come off of it, engineering plate worked well for me with default settings for generic tpu