🏆 2022 Build of the Year - Winners/Prizes

The people have spoken!

Thank you all so much for an amazing competition this year. We did some things new this year, so please dont hesitate to let us know what we can do better next year! I am very proud of the way this community came together to have a fun, civil competition! It made me so happy to see all the amazing builds you beautiful people put together. This community never ceases to amaze me!

Now, it’s time for the winners to reap the rewards, and for us to all thank the wonderful sponsors of this event!

Securing a sizeable 41% of the vote in the Esk8 Innovation category, AND narrowly beating the competition in the BOTY General, your 2022 Esk8 Innovator AND Build of the Year is…

Orbital by @Flyboy!

To the winner goes the spoils! (or at least the best ones :wink:)

  • Metr Pro and Metr LTE from @rpasichnyk and the good people at Metr!


  • One-of-a-kind GOLD DaveGa from @janpom!


  • CNC precision TKP trucks from @Savage1, and one-of-a-kind anti-sink plates!

  • Dual SKP Solo’s from @Skyart Power Systems!

  • Custom @tomiboi deck of their choice, and a set of Hubba Hubs!

Congratulations also to the winner of the Street Builds category…

Hook, Line, Oh Shit! by @Savage1!

  • Precision CNC footstop from @Ean.esk8 at NewBee!

  • A $75 gift card from @Tony_Stark and Radium Performance!

  • A set of MAD 105’s from @fujio001 at MADESK8!

  • Oil Slick MBS Matrix II from @glyphiks and Full Send Electric!

…and the winner of the Offroad category!

Apparition by @rosco!

  • A hoodie from LaCroix Boards!

  • A $75 gift card from @Tony_Stark and Radium Performance!

  • A set of the brand new, much hyped MBS Matrix III from the good folks at @MBS!

Let’s all give a big round of applause for our winners and all the worthy competitors, and let’s also show some love to our vendors if you need some gear in the near future.

Thanks for an amazing year of building, everyone! Here’s to another!

-Marcel, Evan, and Benjamin


You were late to our ride to post this and posted it after our ride anyways lmao


fourth place prize of a 12 pack of glizzies at next carve goes to me for sitting pretty and doing almost nothing


If it’s worth doing, its worth doing right. We had a good time anyway :kissing_heart:


Awesome work to all involved! What a great community! Thanks for organising and thanks to the amazing sponsors of prizes!!!


Sweet hauls dudes, congrats again!


Might just be the best winner’s haul yet and well earned! Nicely done, @MrDrunkenMobster @Evwan and @xsynatic .


Well deserved all of them


Thanks @MrDrunkenMobster, @xsynatic and @Evwan for organising this and to all of the very generous vendors for donating prizes! :blush:

Still super pumped and looking forward to what 2023 brings :call_me_hand:



Wow, what awesome prizes, congrats all


:eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

Man, gotta start taking BOTY seriously! That’s an awesome trophy :smiley:

In fact, all of the prizes this year are really good! Thank you to all the sponsors, you guys rock!
And congratualtions to the winners of course :slight_smile:


Daaaaaaamn Flyboy, you got half a build ready now. Deck, enclosure, dual esc, metr, davega, and riptide accessories! I need to see them all utilized in one build to sweep next year’s competition and win more prizes :eyes:


Many thanks to the organizers and to the voting community! Just a couple years ago I had no clue how any of this hobby worked, just that I wanted to skate. The people here are the pure reason why I avoided getting into prebuilts, by showing me that the electrical side of the hobby was accessible so I could sic my mechanical skills on it. It’s insane to me that y’all consider me a top gun after such a short time, so I’ll try to keep living up to it.

Is the ROI on BOTY >1? :thinking: [checks bank account] prolly not.

Not to sound ungrateful or anything but I probably won’t even be able to use all this stuff :sweat_smile: I think some of the confused noobs who come here trying to make tupperware boards are going to be getting some surprise equipment :+1:


ESC enclosure: tupperware
Telemetry: Gold Davega



Congrats all, very nice haul for sure. Seeing everyone’s different skills is always a pleasure.


Congratulations to all
Those boards look beautiful


Congratulations everyone! Some awesome prizes also. Cant wait to see what gets cooked up this year.


Orbital! Fucking right my dudes! @Flyboy! and congrats @Savage1 and @rosco!

I really need to get one of those Orbitals tho. fucking stand on esk8 bike with no handlebars wtf even is it? Something I NEED that’s fucking what. Neighbors would shit on the sidewalk if I rode that past them.


A rolling chassis might be a long term goal for me to produce :thinking: Need more experience with the platform though.
I’m planning to part out Orbital eventually since it sorely needs a design revision, maybe you could snap it up @longhairedboy


You moved to CA?

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