ZELDA: 18s6p P45B, Duality, Deathtoll goodness

How’s the enclosure clearance with 175mm tires? I want to run 6” on a 45” Deathtoll double stack with Newbee triple links but I’m worried that will cause the enclosure to scrape the ground.

Thanks bro, i have a set of wine reds that’s already drilled out so i might just give it a shot after the coupler nuts arrive from aliexpress. still lmk your thoughts tho.

i have a sister build to Zelda so it’ll probably be a very similar answer.
40mm or 1.57in without any spacers.

if you’re only riding it on smooth surfaces (road or bike trail) you’ll be fine. If you’re gonna try and go over curbs, and probably speed bumps if they’re the really narrow ones, you may run into issues.
i have about 15mm of spacers in my rear and a little less than that in the front on mine so 55mm is my ground clearance on 175’s. i do have scrapes on the bottom from going over curbs

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New grip alert! :rotating_light:

I’ve had some sheets of Vicious grip in my workshop staring me in the face and whispering dirty things to me every time I walked by, so it was finally time to slap them around a bit.

I hand cut the parts under my feet, and used my CO2 laser to cut out the logo for the middle. Tedious is probably the best word to describe the application of that guy. It also didn’t need to be made out of Vicious (regular would have been way easier) but I’m a stubborn bitch and I had it on hand so here we are.

I’d go out on a limb and say this board is done, but we all know how that goes. Looking forward to seeing what @Ean.esk8 has in store for hubs this year since basically my whole drivetrain consists of his parts.


that grip tape looks amazing


Nailed it man. Looks awesome :ok_hand:

Thanks gents! First time for me cutting grip on my laser but very happy with how it turned out.


Well that makes my hand cut bubble letters look basic as shit :sweat_smile:

I’m pretty proud of my hand cut grip on my vewy fiwst esk8

Clearly where you drew your inspiration from…


hell yes! I cut both the Z logo and a triforce symbol because I wasn’t sure which one I was going to go with. Might still sneak one on somewhere on the board


Nice build man, I’ll be sure to post mine here when I finish. You in the Boston area? I was always looking for spots to ride in the North Shore. I was in Lawrence for a few years but just moved up to Seabrook NH

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I work in Boston, live south of town (closer to Providence). Are you in the BostonPEV telegram chat? If not, PM me and I can send you an invite link. Not many esk8’s in Boston but lots of riders of other stuff all around (up into NH, ME, etc.)

In the never-ending quest that is DIY esk8, I decided I had to try the new hot thing out there and get me a pair of @Titoxd1000 Duality trucks. I was lucky enough to get in on the first batch of them designed for flat decks and received them a couple days ago. They are 35° front, 15° rear (can wedge as needed to change)

Holy moly these things are beefy, robust, and just great. My Newbee 4GS mounted up with ease using the 22x22 clamps I already had. After initial setup I was getting wheelbite in front on the pointy corner bits on my Deathtoll deck. Fack!

Talked to Tito and some others and it was suggested to try drilling the new school pattern (only 2 holes needed in front of the rear most 2 screw holes). Luckily the Megan baseplate accommodates this and also acted as a nice drilling template. This allowed me to shift the front truck 3/8” forward which was juuuust enough to fully clear any wheelbite and get full range of motion out of the trucks. Sweet! PS don’t make fun of my Megan hole

Took it out for a test rip and man these things are sweet. The Triple links felt/feel great, but for me personally I think they’re just a little sweeter because of the carve ability etc. I can’t wait to get more time on these things and tinker with different bushing combos.






So last night I printed the other lean stoppers available from Tito to try out, just to see how they’d make the trucks react. They come stock with a 25° lean stopper, and he provided files for 22.5° and 20° stoppers.

I popped the stock one out (two M3 screws, easy to remove). I put the 20° one in first. Go big or go home (with less lean). This made my wheel to deck clearance go from around 3-4mm up to around 10-12mm. I haven’t had it out for a ride yet but I will soon. I’ll probably put the 22.5° in there and leave it, so I can get a little more lean back and have a little extra deck clearance for good measure.