Youtuber or Amazon affiliate? Want a free Unity?

We’d like to do a collaboration with a few builders who are making unique builds and are planning to record and upload their build on youtube. We will send you a Unity to use as part of the build and you can sign up to be an amazon affiliate (if you’re not already) to earn commission for every sale that comes from link in the video, paid directly to you by Amazon. If you’ve already uploaded a video using the Unity or already purchased a Unity then we are still open to working with you also.

Send us a DM and tell us about your project if you’re interested


What’s the minimum sub count to be eligible?

Yes, unfortunately we can’t do much for customers that purchased via as we are separate and I’ll reiterate that we did not jump the que to get our stock. Last week we sent some of our own stock out to enertionboards customers on their behalf and now we must wait for enertion to restock us but there’s nothing more I can do.


No minimum subs, we just want to see exciting stuff being built


Don’t take this personally since as you say you are not directly affiliated with Enertion but there is no way in hell I would take part in helping a company sell a product that is borderline undeliverable.


Than don’t?


Don’t worry about it. I will not.


Good to know. We were all waiting on the edges of our seats too.


No need. Your place in the queue is safe.


Even for free I still don’t want one. Just can’t stomach having it for free when countless people are still waiting for ones they paid for.


I’m not looking to do it. I don’t YouTube


I really don’t understand the pushback on this. The guy has been clear that he is not affiliated with Enertion, has been selling Unity’s on Amazon for a few weeks now and all have been delivered, as far as I know. Seems a very unforgiving attitude to have when the guy has done literally nothing wrong.


People are still salty about the poor service from the OG Aussi Enertion I guess, it’ll probably be a bit of time do see them as separate entities


@EnertionBoardsUSA What does it take to qualify for the program? I’ve though about making a YouTube channel for a while but from your end that means I have no history, how would you decide who is reputable enough to send a $300 piece of hardware?

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We don’t mind if you don’t have any subscribers, sure we are trying to move stock and it would be nice if you have 1mil subs but that’s not what we are about. It would be nice to see that you have some film ability if you have any other stuff you can share but the most important factors are the build and the timeline. Almost anyone can sign up to be an Amazon affiliate FYI


The attitude is not towards the original poster.
However as he has stated he is waiting for stock from enertion and we all know how that went for most people.

We have stock in the Amazon fulfilment centres which will last until the next batch of stock arrives (unless sales dramatically increase). Having steady supply is a high priority.


In the future, do you plan to continue sending some of your own stock to enertionboards customers who have been waiting for their Unities?

They’re separate companies aparently, so na

Wait what? Why would a distributor give away his own stock for someone else’s fuckups? That’s like asking @mackann to do the same…