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Yours Truly (VESC/UNITY ride tracker) is now available for free on the App Store!

Hey guys!

The first version of Yours Truly (VESC/UNITY ride tracker) is now available for free on the App Store!
Get it here:

Enjoy :slight_smile:



  • iOS 13 or higher
  • ESC: (One of)
    • VESC with firmware version between 3.43 and 5.1
    • UNITY with firmware version between 23.34 and 23.46
  • Bluetooth Module: (One of)
    • Bluetooth module running nrf51_vesc firmware
    • HM10 Bluetooth module
    • METR
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Great work man :slight_smile: really nice app

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Good job on getting HealthKit approved by Apple, I tried multiple times and they denied, could never understand why I need workouts (I just wanted always on watch display, workouts is the only option). Maybe heart rate is why you got lucky :laughing:


Hahaha, always on is the main reason I added it.
Heart rate is a pretty hilarious metric if you have get speed wobbles or anything!!
Heart rate isn’t actually on the main release yet, it’ll be in testflight as soon as the next version gets approved.


hey it picks up both my unitie’s BT connected over CAN on my 4wd build. Do I need to do anything in the settings to account for 4wd or can I pick either or unity BT device?

App seems super clean so impressed so far!

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So, it’ll only be able to track stats from one unity at a time for the time being.
It’ll track against whichever was turned on/connected first for the ride.

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ok so if I wana get an accurate idea of battery consumption I just need to double those numbers, speed, and all the maps stuff should be accurate?

Yes, everything should be accurate apart from anything battery/energy related.

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I’m going to start trying to figure out how to get info from ESCs connected over CAN soon :crossed_fingers:


Nice. I saw this on Reddit

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@Elias this app looks really nice!


Thanks!!! :pray:

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Hey guys - just a general update to let you know what’s changed and to remind you that we exist!!!

App store release:

  1. General reliability fixes and app crash/performance fixes
  2. More workout tracking features for apple watch
  3. …and more than I’ve forgotten about!!! :exploding_head:

If you’d like to contribute to beta testing new features you can join the beta by clicking HERE!
Features currently in beta:

  1. CAN forwarding
  2. Improved battery and range estimates
  3. Custom battery curves
  4. VESC connectivity improvements
  5. Option to always estimate battery percentage from voltage curve