Xenith wont turn on

So i went for a ride yesterday, hit some big bumps that were fairly close together, almost lost my footing but stayed on and my board shuts off. Quite disappointed my xenith died like this. So i opened it up, check all wirings, check voltage and battery and the power switch and port. They all seem fine so it narrows it down to the vesc and i have no idea what im dealing with. Can anyone with experience of unitys/xeniths suggest what might the problem be? Have a pic if it helps


Edit: im pretty sure its not my anti spark. The chip for it has no hole according to unity thread, switch is ok and when bridging mom pin, draws 0.3a at 12v if that means anything.

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Does it turn on if you hold your finger on the button?

Wow that was fast. Nope.

Its fucked.

Where abouts are you?

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There are a few people in the world that may possess the skills and materials to fix it.

Your location would help in recommending the right person to you.

What are you wearing?


Im in NYC area.

You MAY have some luck talking to @Scepterr

Short of that you could try @JohnnyMeduse

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U think theres any chance bkb does repairs. Ok thanks

I highly doubt it. They might offer you a replacement though.


Id consider if its a nice price but i doubt it. Especially when i got mine at 200 and now its 300.

Its highly likely that its not your fault it blew up. Its a known and common fault

Common on all unity?? I thought it was just a problem with the unitys from massive stator?

Its the same shit in a different colored jacket


Lmao true. What do u think of the spintend? Looks more robust with all metal housing and higher voltage capabilities for the same price as a xenith. I haven’t seen many reviews on it.

Howdy neighbor

Physically large esc, pretty poor quality control but very verisitle and powerful.

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Would u get it over the xenith? Seems like its hard to find a good high performance (higher than unity) vesc now.

I’d only really get it for 13s+. It’s huge. Also dealing with them can be annoying

I’ve had excellent luck using Stormcore ESCs.

The 60D is a better option in every way over the Xenith/Unity, the latter considered budget/midgrade performance.