Noob question thread! 2020_Summer

Red and black?

i felt asleep on my chair like 3hrs ago, woke up after 1.5hrs and now we r here

if u board doesn’t turn on when u hold the power button, im afraid u gonna need to find an uber / taxi back home

So no bridging the red and black for 3 sec

It COULD be solved by bridging the 2 MOM pins

Lemme research a bit to make sure

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So that would work only if the built in antispark is still good correct. I thought when these antisparks failed they stayed on all the time.

it can be both way

this user also have the exact same problem

I’m not sure what exactly. I just read that if the AS broke in an open position you need to bridge the pins to do it’s job. If it were to broke closed it wouldn’t turn off is my understanding.

I scouring the parking lot for scrap metal like a mef

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Sorry this might be v basic but unplug the battery and plug it back in. Mine has done that once or twice but it was fuckin buried in an enclosure and I didn’t have tools


Its working now . Not sure why. Kk. Gotta go find the group. Hope it doesnt cut out on me while riding. This is like esk8 AAA. Thanks guys


go slow and hope u have protection on

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And what did the trick?

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Maybe the unplug. Maybe I fingered the unity real good. Who knows.


That’s hot


Three finger job


Seemingly alright at 4.2v, can use a zener diode to drop the voltage down ~1V if youre feeling extra safe.

I’m a little concerned. So, I was out riding, checked my battery, and saw something similar to this:

Needless to say, I stopped immediately and brought it home. However, it went back to this.

For the astute observers among you, you’ll notice that the timestamps are close together. I have been noticing that it sometimes reads a horrible voltage difference between 10 and 11, then reverts. Is this a known issue with the BMS or did I fuck up real bad?

I’ll check the cells now, but any input would be appreciated.

If that’s the bms I think it is, then its probably bad. I had one recently do the same thing. Group 6 and 12 were swapping voltage readings. 6 would be very low one second along with 12 being abnormally high. A second later they would swap. 6 would be abnormally high and 12 would be very low. Removed bms, checked all voltages, all were good. Replaced with new (same brand) bms and have had no issues since.

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This is the one I have. Does it match your old one?

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