[WTS] [SG] Single Avio urethane gear drive with Cal II trucks

I have a set for a single gear drive. Was supposedly used for one of my commuter builds but planned to use small wheels with it, that didnt work out.

Very lightly used, only 20km on it, and the gearbox was changed to a brand new one. Condition of everything is 9.5/10

What will you be getting?
Front truck
Rear truck that’s cut to fit the gear drive
Motor mount
Abec adapter
Bearing seal
2 spur gears 45T
1 pinion 17T
And all other hardware like screws bolts and bearings.

Wheels are not provided! This drive is great for a big motor like a 6380, and goes great with the foamies since they’re 120mm, giving good ground clearance. 107s is good, but I do not recommend any size below that.

Asking for $170 USD + shipping
shipping from Singapore. Expecting to be around $30 for shipping, but if it’s more than that, I’ll cover it.

If someone plans to build a nice single drive this is for you! Also because these are rare since there was only 20 of these made.


Looks so good! If I didn’t promise myself to not buy any esk8 parts this month, I would be all over this

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Make your decisions wisely haha. I plan to sell off majority of my spare parts this month or so to get some cash back, spent quite a lot this year.


Ahh. teasing us you are

What you got bro?

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@Linny can we pre-dibs the parts we hope you will sell?

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Lmao imagine if i bamdoozle you with diyeboard parts and OEM hubs


I got some bolt on pulleys, BKB pulleys, belts, 6355 motors, 5055 motors, a dual focbox heatsink box, and others that i can’t remember off the bat. I’ll make another thread probably tonight.


Any Kegel adapters as an option?

I’ll let you know later when i’m back, gotta rummage through the drawers.

Fuck I need some too lol

Not to worry, I’ll just pull-out.

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I wish my dad was as wise as you


Too many siblings you’ve never met? I can relate.

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This is still available!

@Tamatoa @Dareno thanks for waiting! Post for the other stuff i’m selling is up


This is still available! Do PM if you are keen.

This is done, @mmaner do help me close it, thank you!

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