[WTS] [SG] New/used motor mounts, Motors, BKB Pulleys and everything in between

Clearing out some of my unused stuff so i’ll be selling them at a lower price.

Shipping prices are included with each item


HobbyKing motor mounts, $10 for both. One is used for test fitting. Condition is 9/10 except for the scuff from the motor pulley as seen from the pic.

Brand new 12mm Abec Pulley 36T. $25

Brand new 3DServisas Dual Focbox Heatsink case for MTB, $60

SOLD, Used, raaaare Ollin VESCS. XT90 and 5.5mm bullets. $80, take two for $140.
Ran Ackmaniac tool awhile before this post, runs FOC flawlessly

Brand new Boardnamics idler mounts for Cal II,1 for $30, take both for $50.

SOLD Torqueboards 6355 190kvs, 7/10 condition. Works on sensored FOC via Ackmaniac tool. $60 each, take two for $110. Sorry, shipping this might be pricey due to weight haha

SOLD Brand new Turnigy SK3 192kv 6374. This is the sensorless ver. $90

one BKB Abec pulley, 44T. Condition is 8/10 due to one motor mount bolt scratching the pulley.

SOLD Brand new BKB 40T, no adapter. $30 for 1, take both for $50

So yea, my loss, your gain. Payment is of course by Paypal, goods and services please!
Some items i’m unable to make them too cheap due to shipping costs, but i’m flexible! Do note that the prices are with shipping costs taken in already, so i’d say its a steal. Help me clear em!


Do you know if those tb motors are battle hardened?

Nope, these are motors from last year and the ones from then were not battle hardened.

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For how many kms have these motors been run?

Dibs on the 2x TB motors

How long did you use the VESCS for?

@Linny aren’t these motors cheaper new?

They are not due to shipping

free shipping homie


The VESCS were used for about 150km or so, and then was swapped to focboxes.

Ah true, didn’t know they had free shipping. No worries! Someone in my area was interested to get it so no shipping needed!

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Motors were used for about 100km. Other than a couple scratches, the motors work fine as i ran FOC detection yesterday with the Ollin VESCS with no issue.

where are you shipping from? Thanx

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Shipping will take a couple weeks on international

What is still available?

Sorry for the late reply, everything but the 6355s are still available!

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will the motor mount fit MBS ATS 12?

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Which ones? The hobby king or the boardnamics?

The hobby king one I’m not sure. Boardnamics only fit TB 218, Fatboy hangars and Caliber II

yeah i was referring on the HK ones but i am also interested on the boardnamics. how much is it shipped to 94544?

Sorry for the late reply, i’ll PM you in a bit!