Wts finality lacroix nazare lonestar

I don’t like channel trucks
They feel weird
i tried the setup to test it and didnt like it
so were gonna move on to a different build

Nazare lonestar deck and enclosure (can fit 18s8p or with a bit of a gasket 18s12p)
3ds 320mm channel trucks
1:4 gear ratio finality drives
3ds adapters for sss motors and encoders for the motors
sss56123 230kv motor
8 inch kenda tires and tubes (with 1 spare tire and tube)

Let move on to bundles

Bundle 1 : deck + enclosure : £500

Bundle 2 : finality drivetrain (without motors) : £800

Bundle 3 : motors + encoders : £300

Happy to sell each by themselves

everything is almost new and in really good condition (you couldnt tell)

to be completely transparent - i dont advise using these motors they are to high kv and the torque will suffer i can happily remove them if you want to buy everything else and not the motors

i can ship anywhere

can also build a battery to go with it if you want :smile:

£1500 takes everything


if only you hadn’t spent so much money before finding that out :smile:


What can we do

I thought I would like them but they just felt yuk

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What do you like about other trucks, that you aren’t getting with the channel trucks?

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Dunno how to explain

I felt channel trucks where slow and unresponsive But I don’t think I’m putting it well into words


It also could be the crazy 320mm length you’re feeling.


Case of the go big or go home mentality striking back

Edit: did you give yellow/ orange a try?

Orange/red is pretty damn stiff if those are brand new bushings


Maybe they need some time to wear in, just like the bearings free roll? :joy:


9” wheels finality :man_shrugging:t3: They need some time to set in if you set them up right.

Not even that much time, this is after 2 rides lol


can you at laest like… give them a month? theyll grow on you :rofl:

if they feel unresponsive, get different bushings

are you using mbs bushings? jesus christ get lacroix bushngs


Go on, I’m listening. Do not need motors.


FYI this started as a 4wd Hypertrucks belt project :sweat_smile:

Priced good though just part the motors out yourself :thinking:

No idea what shipping would be like, but dhl is the shit


How much for just the motors?

Also what’s the shaft diameter on those guys?

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damn channel trucks made me fall in love with skating all over again


How much for just the deck+enclosure?
Did you try any other bushings on the trucks?
The orange ones were too hard for me, running the yellow ones as loose as they can be.

If you decide to part everything i would take the 3DS trucks.

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Sorry had some business to attend to

To answer as many questions as possible

Yep didn’t like it still

Really just don’t like the feel
Was gonna give them more time but I have another fun project lined up

Happy to ship
Think it’s like £100 to you

Prob £300 with the encoders
10mm shaft I believe

Prefer not to do this but will let you know if no one buys the rest

Would have to sell the drivetrain as a whole


@Arzamenable and @Cyanoacrylate if you 2 want to split it and one takes the motors and the other takes the rest i can happily do that
Let me know

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@Halbj613 don’t ever buy a bajaboard if you think channel trucks feel weird! :wink:


Yeah they look awful

I get the appease for channel trucks but I just find them weird to ride

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