WTS: Cheap FOCer 2 SPRUSI revision

Hello everyone!

I have not been very active here lately but I have been building some Cheap FOCers 2 (CFOC2) with my own spin on them. More about this below.

Since I have not been very active the last year or so, a lot has changed including people so for those who dont know me, here is a little bit about my background. I have been building e-skates, bikes and other electronics vehicles for myself and others in Slovakia for about 5 years now, offering repairs of VESCs and other stuff as well as designing and manufacturing electronics not only for myself. I will get back to this hopefully shortly.

I am trying to put my “hobby life” back on track and here we get to why I built these CFOC2s. I am working on a 4WD build so I needed some controllers, since there are price breaks at 25 pieces I built them, kept for and here is 21 for anyone worldwide who wants some.

They are based on VESC6 and are compatible with VESC tool for configuration. More about these here: Cheap FOCer 2 by Shaman

My changes to the original design:

  • In therms of the main PCB design, that remains unchanged because it works well.
  • For the components however, I have not used any parts from LCSC (except JST connectors). Why do I say this? I have not had luck with them myself and did not want to risk getting lower quality parts (just my honest opinion from bad experience, maybe just bad luck not to offend anyone).
    To improve, I have sourced all parts or alternatives with equal or better specs from reputable sellers like Mouser Digi-Key and Farnell. To be clear, this does not improve performance however it does improve reliability.
  • I have also designed a front panel for this to add labels to the connectors as well as some design features to make it look pretty. This as well as conformal coating helps to protect the PCB.
  • Another improvement of my revision is DRV heatsink which again, improves reliability/stability.
  • Heatsink on the MOSFETS is a must,
  • 2*2.5 mm² (10awg) busbars populated on both sides
  • All units have firmware, IMU and are tested, ready to be shipped configured and used! :slight_smile:
  • All units come with warranty of course.

I damaged some parts so there are 2 incomplete units, one without the MOSFET heatsink, and one that is without all heatsinks and front panel. These of course have reduced price at 60€.

The price for one unit is 70€ plus shipping (5€ Europe 8€ worldwide).
PM me if you are interested or ask a question below.

Thank you for your attention, Martin. :slight_smile:


I like your style bro, they look amazing!!
Price wise I find it pretty fair with this upgraded components, success Martin!!!

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What FETs did you end up using?


NGL those look pretty darn sick. Good job buddy!


Did you hand solder all the components?


Not gunna lie, these look really clean! Good job @MartinSp


Thank you for the kind words guys!

@Minimadness I went for IRFB7534PBF

@janpom I work at an assembly company so the SMD was machine placed but some components like the IMU that had longer delivery time were hand soldered afterwards.

@shaman Thaks a lot! Would not be able to do this without your work.


Nice work!
can you give the approx dimensions?

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Ahoj, konečně někdo, s kým se domluvím bez translatoru. Pokouším se postavit jednokolku podle podle Fungineers. Objednal jsem u něj motor a VESC. Motor přišel, ale na VESC už měsíc čekám. Údajně kvůli nemožnosti ho poslat do ČR. Pokud to Mohmeed do 14 dní nevyřeší, koupil bych jeden od tebe. Můžeš mi ho rezervovat?

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Sorry @iamasalmon for the late reply, I read the message when I did not have the controllers on hand and then forgot. :confused:
Here are the dimensions: 59x110x24mm including the DRV heatsink, wihtout it: 59x110x14mm

@PavelPR Ahoj, malokedy sa tu vidi niekto z CZ/SK ale je nas tu zopar. Jasne mohol by som. Mam ich zatial dost takze by to nemal byt problem.


Shamans post claims testing values at 35amp continuous, do you know what we could expect to get on these with the heatsinks and panels attached to the esc?
Or would it just stay the same?

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In terms of power output, I am running 60A max which in my area corresponds to 35-50A peaks (peaks in this case meaning that they last for extended periods of time not just 50A for a second, I live in a hilly area + 6 inch wheels) at the moment without issues. I have a case where the metal heatsinks are exposed about 2-3mm aluminium has air blowing over it and I dont have any issues. The DRV heatsink gets warm without any air movement in the enclosure. In my opinion without it and with the conformal coating covering the chip it could get pretty toasty after soaking the PCB mass with heat it you add some current draw to the 5V output of the DRV buck converter it could be warm enough to cause some issues perhaps. But that is just my theory, maybe it is exaggerated

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Oh nice!
You said you had a warranty on these units… what does the warranty cover + how long does it last?

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I do repairs of VESCs (all versions) for people interested for quite some time now so I feel confident that I can fix any non mechanical damage so unless you burn it too much or break it in half I can fix it.
So it is a warranty on any non user caused damage.


You fixed my focbox a while ago.it saved me a lot of money.service and quality of the repair was great! I didn’t thank you at the time.so a big thanks to you mate!


Ahoj, už se mi nechce čekat, vzal bych jeden hned, nevím ale jak ti poslat PM.


@MikeDV Thank you for the kind words! Im happy I could help.
@PavelPR Ja ti napíšem.

Hi Martin, these look great - I’d like to buy one if you still have any


Are these going to be on the website? Or how do I order one.

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You already burned them :confused: Thats disapointing.

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