WISDOM BUILD - First DIY Build. Looking for some advice and any wisdom

Oh! 1 more thing: UK is a rainy place, if you want to ride your board all year round, look for a deck and enclosure that could be easily waterproofed!

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I see a lot of options but I don’t see a budget.


Neither of these suppliers are legit.


First thing I would do is change your order of engineering. You’ll have better results doing this:

Listing trucks first is a bad sign, imho. It probably means you are putting weight on the truck choice, when getting other things straightened out first would probably have a higher chance of working well on the first try.

No, you shouldn’t even buy a washer from that site. It’s garbage.

This is also mostly garbage.

To me, this means you should probably scrap your whole list and figure this out first. I know it’s not welcome advice, but I’m not trying to make you happy with my response, I’m trying to make sure your first try at a build succeeds and I’m telling you what I wish I had been told. :smirk: Engineering a custom electric vehicle is not like putting together a set of legos.

Tell us why you mentioned you’re not looking for a big board. Also not to be intrusive, but whether you’re 75kg or 125kg matters as well.

The battery is the most important part of the vehicle, and the part you should be spending the most money on. Nothing happens without the battery. Cheap out on other stuff if you want, but get a good battery.

Due to new laws in the UK, it might be hard to find small companies that will ship to you if your order total is under £135. Strongly consider looking at UK companies and if you need to import things, group them into >£135 orders.


why is it that beginners always go with mboards products? is it because its the first thing that shows up when searching for parts?





Yeah, both of those. They are very good at delivering low prices and SEO — neither of which happens to be an ingredient in a quality electric vehicle. They’re good at getting your credit card number, but that’s about it.

Interpret that as you wish.

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Thank you for your tips and advice. My original list of parts is not the order of purchase or importance, just in a random order, sorry for causing confusion.

I am between 70Kg and 80Kg.

The reason for the DIY Build is I am interested in the process and enjoy building things, so the process of building is just as important as the end product maybe even more so. I am also a DT teacher and if i can prove the concept, I might use it as a project for students to develop skills to design and build their own as a group. This board will be my own, but the potential school project would be purely a skill development project so that build won’t require the best parts or be the fastest etc etc.

My build I would like something useable with an all round performance.

Range: Minimum 10 miles
Speed: (Dont need anything too high) 25mph max
Terrain: Roads , Paths (Pavements), Concrete, tarmac etc. These can be quite rough in the UK.

Budget: Keep it as low as possible. Doesn’t have to be fancy as I mentioned the process is more important to me. Currently trying to work within £500, but this can increase or upgrade parts later down the line.

I don’t see online, what does this acronym mean?

Design and Technology. If your from another country, its things like, wood work, metal work, using machines , electronics etc etc.


Good conversation here, might help you [WTB] [CANADA] Parts for first build

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Thank you for the link, I will check it out. What do people think about Flipsky? Are they good, bad or ok etc? https://flipsky.net

They have bad QC. General consensus about Flipsky products is:

  • ESCs: stay away, unless you run them with very conservative settings
  • Remotes: VX1 is okay, VX2 can be unreliable / stuck throttle
  • Motors: New ones are okay, old ones a mixed bag
  • Antisparks: Only the latest one, smart enhanced 200A (not actually capable of 200A though) is good. In fact, it’s the best you can buy currently. The others are unreliable.
  • Spotwelder: good
  • Other stuff, like trucks: okay, I guess?

good, great even I would say from my riding so far

bang “gets the job done for a bit” I think


Thank you for your insights. You never know with these places, They have a slick website and lots of reviews, but this could easily be a cover for their bad products,


there welder is good beenusing for a bit and really nice overall and def prefer the metal case over a kweld or malectrics


Deck has arrived! Time to start taking measurements and see the route I take.

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Ordered my trucks today and arranging a battery and motors at the moment. I will post images at stages if anyone is interested.

My budget is ballooning so the hunt for deals intensifies. Need to find a well priced ESC /VESC any recommendations?

I will be running either a 10S3P or 12S2P battery pack with dual 6355 motors.

PS in the UK, so Import duty/taxes can be an issue.

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Too bad you don’t live in the states I have some extra TB6355’s and kegal pulleys 36 & 40 I would part with.

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