WISDOM BUILD - First DIY Build. Looking for some advice and any wisdom

Hi everyone,

It’s been reading through some of the topics and comments, I thought I could take advantage of everyones knowledge myself now.

I am looking to build a dual motor board. I live in the UK. I will use the board on roads, paths etc. These can be a little rough at times and aren’t perfectly smooth surfaces.Trying to keep my costs down as much as possible and will happily upgrade/update in the future when I can.

Deck: Still haven’t found what I am looking for. Some suggestions would be welcome and links to websites. Not looking for a big board.

Trucks: Flipsky - Double Kingpin Trucks (Includes motor mounts)


Motors: Torque Boards - MOTOR 6355 190KV x 2

Pulleys: Torque Boards - 40T KEGEL PULLEY 15MM COMBO KIT

ESC: Mboards - Dual Belt Driven Motor ESC (Includes remote) (Probably needs upgrading in the future)

Battery: MBoards - 10s2p Complete Battery Solution

Enclosure: MBoards Enclosure (292mm x 175mm x 40mm)

I have seen cheaper batteries on http://www.diyeboard.com/ but should I trust them?

Thank you everyone for any help or advice.


Hard no!

Same for here

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If no for both places. Do you have a recommendation for batteries?

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assuming you are in the usa

@ZachTetra @MrDrunkenMobster @Skyart @JoeyZ5

not great but works

good choices

not a vesc. can work but really not so nice to use especially from mboards

same issues as above

you should also sort out your deck and enclosure first. @b264 has a good list of how to build

by the looks of it you are on a slight budget. could you give a rough ballpark number of what you want to spend and also what you want to achieve?

some boards are built for range
some are built for speed
some build for offroad
some built for shopping carriers

what are you looking for and that can help us help you find the right parts

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hiya saw you are in the uk
(other forum)

then @Lee_Wright @tinp123 @acido can all build battery


Thank you for your advice. I really appreciate it.

I have tried to spend the money on the core components and save money on things which will work but I can change later when I feel I want to. For example I knew the ESC was a cheap option and would in the longer term go for something else, same for the trucks and battery.

I live in the UK. Im looking for a good all rounder. Something comfortable to ride on UK roads and paths which aren’t the smoothest.

Range: minimum 10 miles
Speed: nothing extreme


ok so first off all hi im in the uk to

if you want im selling a deck enclosure + battery + vescs for reasonably cheap
pm me if you are interested

if you want comfortability on bad roads you will want pneumatics
@Anubis sells lots of truck and drivetrain parts so i would look into those


I sell batteries & a lot of pretty affordable, high quality stuff at nexusboards.co.uk

There is no point using that Mboards ESC, its such a low quality that you might aswell not DIY because the performance and reliability will be worse than a good budget prebuilt.

Unless you have to, I’d avoid ordering in from the US. It’ll be in the post for months, be expensive to ship and incur a 25% bump in price when import taxes are charged


Thanks for the help. I can’t seem to find many places in the uk which sell parts

For street boards, its pretty much only me and street-wing.com although I think apex customs can build a street board for you (Usually they’re ultra high end though)




I’d not use DKP trucks if you plan on hitting any trail paths.


Yes I would say that is fair although we are moving away from custom boards and concentrating on our own lineup


I though DKP trucks would potentially give me a smoother ride on rough uk roads, but if not I could go for some Caliber II trucks instead. What do people think?

Ps any suggestions on where I can find blank decks in the UK. Or any suggestions on shape/style?

Seriously just get everything you can from @Anubis / nexusboards . Best prices/service/help etc

nexusboards hummie deck

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Rough roads mayyybe. I thought by paths you meant light offroad stuff.

I won’t be going off-road. I live in an area with lots of paved cycle routes and canal routes, but the surfaces can change quite a bit. They all all paved by the surface can be concrete then tarmac and then into other types along the same route.


Thanks for the suggestions. I will be checking out these guys in more detail in the coming days. Unfortunately I don’t like the look of the Hummie deck. Looking for that more natural wood look. Something a bit more elegant.


Maybe someone has a spare Zenit Marble from the recent Group Buy they could sell you…or just buy one direct. @BigBen as some enclosures for them I believe.



For what it’s worth I used to commute on Caguamas while i lived in the UK, but I decided to move over to a pneumatic board once I moved to an area with that spiky sort of asphalt :face_vomiting: (Maybe some rubber airless wheels would also work well, especially if you get a deck that would be prone to wheelbite on pneumatics)

Maybe, but honestly on rough roads a more precise truck can be useful for staying alive :smiley: Nexusboards sell Boardnamics RKP trucks, I’d recommend those.

Btw, what are your reasons for building a DIY board? Just want to, or is there something missing from prebuilt boards you’re looking for? If you really want DKP, maybe an exway atlas or Onsra board is the right call…

Find a deck + matching enclosure you like first, then you can start figuring out compatible drivetrains and stuff :slight_smile:

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