Who all is on Strava

Hi friends. Look familiar?

yes @rafaelinmissouri I am completely ripping off your thread but I feel like we should separate them.

Post your Strava profiles below so I can follow you! Strava is available for iPhone and Android. I’m actually in an esk8 group on Strava, but if there’s enough interest, we could create one for the forum

Here’s mine!


Leave strava for road/mountain bikers. They don’t like esk8rs as is. There is no need to make them hate us even more lol


Lol maybe if Strava developers wouldn’t make us use Ebike as our tracking stat it would be different


I remember my homies always talking about Strava and PRs
Hardcore stuff


But there is a “Skateboard” option tho ? What’s wrong with it ?

Unfortunately not haha

Ive only used that relive app. All my buddies use it too. It’s mediocre at best tbh but does a bunch of neat tracking. I use it very little if at all as I forget to turn it on or to stop it when I get where I’m going lol.

I’ve always used Strava, only heard about Relive recently. On Strava free you get a lot of functionality, and can even edit a route if you forgot to end it before you drove home *ask me how I know lol

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Oh right the MF did take down the skate icon :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Didn’t realize cause I use the inline skate icon instead, this one still exists

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I like using Strava to track my rides but I’ve set privacy to followers only so to not show up on the leaderboards. Don’t want to provoke the Lycra Mafia :gun: :biking_man:

Lol nice, what’s your profile?

I couldn’t really find @xsynatic bc there’s too many m j so I’ll have to see if I can follow when I get home and am not on my phone

here is the link to my profile.

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I have it set to bicycle because my Amazfit pace does all the tracking and outdoor biking is the best option in their fitness app.
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Yeah I’ve got it on EBike for all rides