Android apps for logging that DO NOT require a specific Bluetooth module

Which apps can I use to log rides that work on Android and don’t require a specific module? I have tried the search bar with no satisfying results. Are there even any?

I am looking for an app that has logs like the well known metr logs, but works with any (or most) Bluetooth modules like the Lacroix Stormcore app for IOS (I think that works with any module but not quite sure) or the Yours Truly app (IOS only for now too).

What are my options?

I am not sure if this topic is in the right category. I know I also could have asked this in the noob questions thread, but for the ease of searchability (I am probably not the only one looking for this answer) I decided to make a new topic for this.


How would you expect to log data without having a specific bluetooth module?

The only other way to do it is Ackmaniac firmware with an HM-10 or NRF module and then the ESC monitor app

I think anyway… Getting a proper module is just better though

For general tracking I use Strava and Relive

I meant apps that universally work with any module, for example an NRF51822 module. For IOS there are apps that already to this, like the Yours Truly app / Stormcore app. Can connect to anything and can log. But I can’t find anything available for android to log, without needing to purchase a metr module, robogotchi, or other similar products.

I am looking for logs that monitor motor current, motor and esc temperature, etc. Like a metr log does. So I would prefer to not use Strava and relive.

Yeah I don’t think what you’re looking for exists. I heard that Yourstruly would be developed for android at some point but just not yet

I’d just buy a metr probably

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Yeah I am excited for yours truly but its still quite far away I think. Sadly a metr is out of the question due to budget constraints and I don’t see that much of a value in one either (other than in the upconing LTE) because I know what it does is doable for free on IOS already.

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Ya sucks that they only developed for IOS

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Does the VSC tool android app work? It connected to my unity’s NRF without any specific hardware and there’s an option to turn logs on but I haven’t used it yet. I think the app costs a couple of €/$ but much cheaper than a dongle

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All it can do is saving data to a .csv file as far as I am aware, meaning I would have to import those logs into excel and make graphs myself, I haven’t tried it yet but if nothing comes up I will try and post something here about my experience with it!

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Been using a combination of Vesc tool logging + Cycledroid.
Not ideal but gets the job done.

You can import the Vesc tool logs on the computer to get all the data on a map, or just plot the csv data to your liking.


Okay, thanks, didn’t know I could import it into the PC vesc tool. I will try that out then, and hope the stormcore or yours truly app get ported over soon.

Annoyingly, the checkbox to capture logs in Android’s VESC-Tool app doesn’t seem to persist in the state you’ve set it.
If you turn your board off, and don’t make the conscious action to re-tick the checkbox after power up, then no logs…

Maybe it’s already the case somehow, or it’s in the feature request pipeline, but I’d really like the app to try reconnect to the last connected VESC whenever it comes back alive, and resume logging.


I wish it was just a toggle, either logging 24/7 if the VESC is powered vs no logging when VESC is powered. Such a PITA when you sit down to eat a sandwich early in the trip and you only get 18 minutes of logging instead of 4 hours.

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