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What would a deck need to be considered great?

After trying to buy the perfect board, I have decided just to build one from scratch. I have no experience with building boards, and I’ve never even eskated before. That said, I still think I’ll be able to build something decent since I’ve been riding high-end boards and prototypes since the beginning of high school. Since a decade has passed since I first got into longboarding, I figured it’s time that I finally start contributing to the culture.

Since I’m building something to fill my needs, I’m leaning towards building a low-profile; small to midsize cruising deck with an integrated battery/electronic compartment, a relatively lightweight, stiff deck, and tough/strong/robust build quality.

I’m leaning towards making it primarily out of carbon fiber, though I can be convinced to use different materials instead. If I can make something that I’m proud of, I’d consider selling it if people are interested, but this isn’t an advertisement tbh, I’m just trying to make a deck worth owning.

Any advice, however trivial, would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to leave any complaints/issues that you have with other boards or companies. Also, if there are any threads or links you think I should check out, just post them or message me. I am still a noob in terms of electronics/drivetrains, so I know I can always learn more.


CF is bad for rf, so if you go that route, make sure the lid or somethin isn’t CF so you don’t get cutouts

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Sorry if this is a silly question, but what does “rf” mean?

Radio frequency, typically carbon fiber decks impede the signal transmission and reception of our remotes. You either need to use a bigger antenna or plan carefully


Ernesto called, he wants his bad idea back /s


What’s your build process going to be? Starting from veneers? Vacuum press?

OMG. That’s major. Thanks for me informing me about that. You saved me tons of time trouble-shooting :joy:


I haven’t found a good carbon fiber sheet/cloth/“veneer” source yet, so worse case I may have to make the whole thing out of more traditional materials. I definitely want to make wooden boards in the future, but I really just want the first board I make to be made out cf, since I already own wooden boards. Idk how yet, but I want to use a 3d printer to print out the positive for the press. I haven’t researched techniques/builds involving 3d printers yet, but I feel like it should be possible. If/when I use wood, I’ll use veneers. IDK if I want a wood or foam core yet.

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IDK who that is, but finder’s keepers

I made a composite deck this year and it was fun. Watching! Im also hopeless and haven’t finished any build yet :man_facepalming: So it hasn’t been ridden :flushed:

Have veneers here and that’s next…


I hope you have a lot of money set aside for R&D.

Your background with longboarding will help you considerably to know what you want/need out of the deck.

I would suggest looking at construction methods of the boards you currently own, and determining the bits you like about them, the bits you don’t, and trying to figure out exactly how they were made.

What a deck needs to be considered ‘great’ IMO is a solid construction method, quality materials, good workmanship and a thorough understanding of how the deck will be used and built accordingly.

Decks come down to personal preference, so you can never make a ‘one size fits all’ kind of deal. Your construction method should include an easy way to vary flex levels at the very least, and at the very most it would be amazing if you could customize width/length/concave/concave style/rocker/camber/features blah blah blah.

Point is, what’s great for you, might be dogshit for others. Make what you want, not what other people want.


This :point_up_2:. What is one man’s trash is another’s treasure.

Also: Schaeffer’s Deck Sealant


Possibly the greatest advert ever made :ok_hand: the kiwis gotta be good for something.


Great decks :wink:


Lmaoo I remember watching this for the first time and laughing way too much

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A great deck is fairly subjective beyond being well made… but as far as making them is concerned, start with the easy stuff and grow from there.
Make a wood deck. Ride it and then do a fiber glass lay-up on the bottom of it. Ride it some more. Then do a fiber glass lay-up on top. More riding.
Then give it to a friend and make a more difficult design (or 10).
To recap- Start easy. Build, ride, repeat.


damn, that’s super slick. I thought it was a production board at first. it’s pretty enough to just be wall art, tbh, so even if it doesn’t get ridden it can still get some use.

I’m not convinced CF is great for esk8s. It looks awesome, is strong as hell, light weight, and can be shaped reasonably easily with vacuum and press of some sort. That said, it tends to vibrate a lot more than wood decks, which for esk8s really sucks on longer rides. Also, besides the previously mentioned RF issues, CF is conductive, so you have potential shorts if not done properly.

That’s true, but it’s always good to be aware of the latest fashions.

I’m into sailboat design/engineering, so I have some theories on how to combat unwanted vibrations. Plus, since carbon fiber bikes can be so comfortable, I know carbon fiber bikes can be comfortable. The electronics area won’t come in contact with carbon fiber as I will be using a fire-resistant, non-conductive layer to insulate the board from the rest of the board in case of battery accidents.

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