What’s your Eskating style?

So I’m posting this here even if this topic doesn’t relate to DIY builds.
Anyway since I joined the esk8 world some months ago buying my first budget board (Apsuboard X2 so far super happy with it), I joined some reddit esk8 pages, I’ve watched a lot of YouTube videos about it, and now I’m reading daily this very helpful forum. I noticed that most of people in the esk8 world are not so young (I’m 20yo btw), on YouTube I found that a lot of people doing videos of riding, reviews and general esk8 information are in their 30s or 40s. I think that having such a big age range (from 16yo to 40+) is great! But on the other hand sometimes I find everything too boring… let me explain it better: How many shredding videos, raw rides and freeride runs can you find? Compared to the amount of videos of people doing reviews, range tests and chill/panoramic rides… Just a few!
I love riding easy and just enjoy my surroundings but sometimes I just want to slide, carve a go full throttle downhill, and I feel that age is a big factor coming from a street skating background where most of skaters are young and a bit crazy. there are also 50yo guys shredding tricks but they are not too many… I feel like in Esk8 it’s the exact opposite.
I hope that more regular downhill skaters realize that with a powerful esk8 they can reach the same downhill speeds even on flat or in light uphills. (I know there are already some esk8 competitions but they aren’t known by many)
Let me know how do you think it… are you into adrenaline runs or just chill-going from A to B rides?
I was thinking of opening an insta page for esk8 tricks, raw runs etc

Sorry for my bad English


I don’t disagree with you but such is the nature of this hobby.
Most 20yo cannot afford a 2-3k Euro electric skateboard.
On the other hand a 40-50yo can afford it but he can’t afford not going to work the next day. Not to mention that as you get older your body does not heal as easily.


That’s a very good answer!


I mix it up - and it also depends on what your board’s limits are. I got into esk8 at 26/27 (I’m 30 now). I started on a piece of shit halo board (a v1), quickly maxed that thing out all the time I rode it, but I had issue with it so shipped it back and bought a boosted v2. put some 97mm’s on it and looooved that thing, I was probably the most technical on that board. I would floor it off the line up until I got up to 25-27 constantly. Which was its limit.

I wanted mo tq’s so then I got the DIY bug. Now I’m currently sitting on 5 boards (used to be 8) and they’re not all alike so I don’t ride them the same (some I cruise on, my zenit, some I launch hard AF because thats what I wanted that board to be capable of, my hyper proto, and pending 4wd build.)

So I think the answer to your question comes down to what you have and what your appetite is.


Whenever I stop to watch at a skate park and I see someone my age (60 years old in a couple months) I automatically think “perv”. That is my problem I recognize and need to get over.

But really esk8 offers something different for some of us. I live in a small city/suburb of LA. It is pretty flat around here. The fun of esk8 is being able to leave the car at home and navigate anywhere in the city. Building a mental map of the best routes. Building and riding a board that will handle the potholes, train tracks, and with the stability to have confidence in a bike lane at 30 mph next to auto traffic going 45 mph. It is a different skill set and not all that fun to watch but remarkably enjoyable.


There are younger ones :grin::grin:
I’m 16

Dash is 14… maybe 15 now?
And he has a crazy ass board

I have a pretty crazy ass e MTB that j can’t post a pic because it’s not ready for public view :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Still needs some finishing touches!

I think as @taz partly said, it’s almost easier as a below 18 year old to have a nice board because you can save up money because you live with your parents and also do side jobs for neighbours and such if you have free time :smile:

As you start going into uni and stuff it’s definitely hard, especially if you live in a country where you have to pay for your studies.

Esk8 is soo fun, but depending on what you do, you might have to adapt your build. If you want a crazy ass off road board for weekend fun but live in a city and close to work, I’d be more inclined to get a middle ground carver so you can commute to work and also have fun in trails. It’s about allocating money towards something you’ll like but it also practical. Hitting two birds with 1 stone :wink:


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thanks Louis!

I agree with what was said above, it’s easier to save up and build these boards if you are sub 18/19 because you don’t have to pay for rent. 100% of your money can be spent on your hobby.

Esk8 is different for everyone, some people just want to get out and cruise, get there mind off work and all the crazy stuff happening in the world. Others have fun from the adrenaline you get going 40+mph. It’s not a competition, it’s just what makes you happy.

For me personally I think I fit into a little of everything. An Esk8 is a car for me, because I’m not able to drive. I use it to get pretty much everywhere, lunch, stores, Beach etc. I get a huge amount of fun from adrenaline though, all my favorite things to do directly relate to adrenaline rushes.

If you go through my very long thread that Louis linked above ^ you’ll find a whole bunch of raw runs.


This so much haha. It’s great to move around relatively fast without a car! Can take all the bicycle paths and offroad tracks for shortcuts. Plus it’s so fun :smile:


Agreed! I can usually beat cars to whatever destination we are going, just because I can sneak through little shortcuts, bike paths etc


What’s your Eskating style?

Full throttle :stuck_out_tongue:

Although I would love to have a carvy electric board to take on cycle paths and use as a push-board replacement, for commuting it makes sense to have a fast board, and once you have that it just makes sense to ride on the road because there’s less obstacles. Can be boring at times, so I guess I need more power to make it fun :man_shrugging:


I’m 25 with the mind of a 20 year old, body of a 40 year old, and arthritic bone structure of a 65 year old.

I like going 30mph sober and I looooove to carve under the influence around 20mph


same boat, if I’m on the lacroix I get throttle happy tho. light buzz flying up a bike path with no peds is amazing.


this guy likes mushrooms :mushroom:


Among many other things. It just so happens they’re very easy to grow and cheap af. I also love riding under the influence of peer pressure. Some people like to go fast so naturally I have to beat them :slightly_smiling_face:


Dude you’re the man!
You’re close to 60 and still skateboarding around, probably in LA you have a different mentality but here in my remote area in the north of Italy when people see me on my esk8 they think it’s the most dangerous thing in the world and that someday I’m going to kill my self and bla bla bla… I would love to see their reaction to you flying by at 45kmh !!
60yo here don’t know what a skateboard is, I hope to be as open minded as you are in 40years


Shoutout to yall young shredders :facepunch:


I dont think 40+mph is in my personality, or ever was. I’m 22 and I love carving at 20-25 mph, although i recently went to belt so going faster is going to be a possibility. I remember loving the torque/high end of the meepo v3 when I used to have it, so maybe we’ll see.

Unicycles also look very enticing.


I like to have torque off the line but I am not big on top speed.
Mostly just like carving at mellow speeds probably around 20mph.

I might graze 30 here and there but not really trying to get there.
Not really trying to go over that.

I can’t comprehend people going over 40 on a regular.
They are different than me. Whole different ball game.

I really like riding the different set ups and mixing it up… from the Coyote to the Haero.

I wish I could do more off roading and try little jumps and shit bit I’m 42 and pretty heavy so gravity is brutal on me.

I also wish I could do slides and I was really good at them with my street board. But cannot comprehend how it works on a longboard…


I like the zoom but am wary of wiping out at speed which is why I generally keep between 20 and 30mph. Acceleration keeps things interesting. Both my boards are about geared to 35 to keep me alive and well while still going quick enough to feel fast and be comfortable in traffic.

If you’re looking for good content check out this thread. Some fast skating in there along with cool boards. 🎥 Videos, no words or Skatan will curse you with chunked wheels


The more I skate the more I come to grips that it doesn’t matter what I’m doing I’m just trying to feel like I’m about to die and calling it fun