What do you guys think about trampa pcb battery packs?

What do you guys think of a trampa 21700 12s7p pcb kit vs a diy battery. Trying to figure out the pro and cons. Seems like when the cells wear out on the pcb pack you can just replace the cells instead of having someone build a whole new pack for you. Any thoughts?

I would either use NESE to build a modular pack if you have the space / weight for it, or build/buy a normal battery pack.


Iv seen this. I Think trampa pulled them for a little bit after this. I wonder if they fixed the issue or if this was install error.

What is NESE?


I try not to


I rather just go with lipos and pay a forum member to wire a BMS harness for you if you really don’t want to pay for a proper 21700 custom pack


I just got one up and running now im already thinking about my next board lol.


Hello this is my idea of a battery pack without welding. It uses aluminum plates that connect the batteries, the plates hold together M4 screws.


short circuit?

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How are you making a connection to each cell’s positive and negative terminals?

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There is no short circuit as I use isolation as on transistors

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I believe the fuck fuck video is about all that needs to be said on this matter


Looking forward to seeing how the rivets work out! Especially over the long term.

Uploading: image.png…

A few more pictures


You should start a new build thread with your ideas and renders. It’s getting lost here in this Trampa pack thread.


I don’t know off-hand but have you looked into contact resistance and required contact pressure for aluminium on lithium batteries? That, and maybe the contact resistance and resistance consistency for the riveting process seem like the main two challenges.

Crimped output connectors seem like a good choice because there are standard parts with known procedures, and the stabilising or locating plates look cool. Is the idea to make those out of PCB type fiberglass, and what material would you use for the standoffs? It looks like brass but I presume that’s just the render

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These orange spacers would be plastic (3d printed) and the locating plates would be fibreglass.

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These parts I’m worried of.
Looks like those m4 run from plate to plate. Better be made of plastic.
Those m4 standoffs/spacers are better be plastics as well.
…otherwise, short.

Maybe you can getaway with using metal m4 bolts by insulating them and those aluminum plates but that’s sound risky.