What are your Top 10 Tools?

Well… I need to get some more tools since right now I have very little… Care to share what your favorite tools are and what brand/model? This could be drills, cnc, soldering iron, spot welder, hand planer, etc :smiley:


Good thread, in before everyone says the wera hex set lol


Wera is a literal necessity… First tool I bought specifically for esk8 :joy:


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I love my Wadsworth miniratchet set. Shit is so handy and very compact


I’m starting with most to least important

  1. Drill
  2. Soldering iron
  3. good Allen key set
  4. Dremel rotary tool
  5. Blow torch
  6. Wire crimping tools

If you plan to sand and repaint a deck

  1. Orbital random sander/ or even a steel ruler, it scrapes paint off most skate decks easily.

  2. Jig saw, for cutting a deck for better wheel clearance,

  3. Router trimmer, for cutting drop through holes maybe?

  4. Impatience


Tools are only as good as the person using them but quality does help.

For me a dremel was a great purchase as was a decent solder station. Helping hands is absolutely necessary.

A decent tap and die set is also very handy.

Quality drill bits and a tungsten carbide milling bit for the dremel. That thing is a godsend. If you have a steady hand you can do your own keyways in motor shafts.

The absolute most important tool though is research.


I’ve broken 4 so far…


Oh the fuck? We forgot epoxy. Epoxy everything my dudes

  1. Drill (a good cordless one)
  2. Torque wrench with a bunch of bits (not allen keys)
  3. Pliers (both vice grips and normal pliers)
  4. Wave+ Leatherman (useful for going on ridea)
  5. Dremel (with lots of attachments)
  6. Screw driver set
  7. Sandpaper and files
  8. Isopropyl alcohol (use to clean surfaces and as a spray-on if you burn yourself)
  9. Soldering iron (ts100) and good solder
  10. All kinds of tape

You wanna fight son?


Yeah. Drill/wrench + bits > Allen keys.


Anyone recommend a micrometer?

@anon54720240 ?

Preferably digital

  1. :hammer:
  2. :beer:
  3. Hope

downloadfile 2074338982_e479761d82



Why do you guys always do this shit to me and I’m high and ready to sleep


first meaningful advice: Do Not buy cheap tools, except for Harbor Freight $2 flush cuts

digital calipers…

Wera’s are fine and I have Bondhus as well, but they are for emergency or final tightening or initial breaking free of a hex screw, as a more useful solution and everyday pracitaclity purpose, Titanium Nitride TiNI Hex Driver Wrench sets are way more useful and valuable… fuck L shaped hex wrenches for assembly and prototyping… I aint got time for that shit.

A variable temp solder and hot air station… I personally use Aoyue but YMMV

A fucking deadblow hammer… hit shit with it… or throw it out of frustration… PRICELESS

a good… no GREAT set of flush cut pliers, and 72 gazzilion Harbor Freight $2 knock offs…

A hammer blow impact driver (note use metal hammer not dead-blow)

a set of diamond files various faces triangle, round flat…

metric tap and die set

a Milwaukee Cordless 1/4" Ratchet (15 screws on your enclosure… no fucking problem) if you don’t have $85 and have all day use L angle hex wrenches

a 1/4" drive ratchet with one way bearing not a ratchet… you know you need this in tight places where you can’t get a ratchet to ratchet…

BEER, or other adult beverages, o0r other mood-altering substances… we all need a break

some really good wire strippers or just some really good strippers! see above

63-37 solder, silver solder, paste flux, liquid flux, and what the flux

Dremel with router, and remote extensions

cupcake tins… do a build where you separate hardware in cupcake tins and it will be a life-changing moment!

exacto-knife, razor blades and wire brushes (and a fuckton of new blades)

The best set of Phillips head screwdrivers you can afford (fuck Mr Philips and his stupid shit, but unfortunately they are prevalent in Esk8)… I personally remove each one and throw them away immediately if I can source a replacement. (do NOT hammer pry scrape or fuck these up… the drivers, not the screws… you can put the screws up your butt as far as I’m concerned)

I’ll add more when I’m not high :crazy_face:


Those blue ones that come with 3d printers :heart:


I personally have 2 pair of snap-on $72 a piece flush cut pliers that I NEVER…NEVER,ever,never loan out… need flush cuts? I have a metric fuckton of Harbor Fright flush cuts in my toolbox you can have… no really fuck 'em up… Have them, circumcise yourself I don’t care… but when a good friend brought me back a pair of broken snap-ons that he tried to cut a bolt (for fuck sakes) I drew the line in the sand!

EDIT: godspeed radioshack, but they had a GREAT set of $7 flush cut pliers that I loved! RIP Radioshack