💲 Wanted, shopping list (used or new)

I figured an area where people could post gear they are looking for, gear that may be sitting under someones work bench gathering dust.

If you want something, post it here. If you have it key the poster know and work out a price.

I’ll start…

I’m looking for a moonshine mfg rum runner (https://www.moonshinemfg.com/Skate/Moonshine-Boards/2018-Rum-Runner-deck-only.html#.XQ-g5rdOnLU) nit the CF version. Used or new is fine, just don’t want to spend 200 + bucks to try out s deck.

[NO LONGER NEED] I’m also looking for a set of MBS Matrix 2 trucks (https://www.mbs.com/parts/12201-mbs-matrix-ii-truck-system-black-1) , with or without wheels.

Thanks for reading.


Looking for a landyachtz 9two5 deck around £100

Used or new uk/eu

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I thought you had some?

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Located Delaware, USA
Preference for close to new
Target price includes shipping

  • [found] Landyachtz 38" Battleaxe
  • [found] METR Pro
  • [found] VX1 (VESC 6)
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Looking for flipsky vx1 receiver

For vesc6

Uk new or used

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Free shipping and %10 off with current code puts it at like $89.


I paid for some, they never got here. 3 months later finally got a refund. I just really want to save some money on them as I don’t know how often I will use them and this is really for a test eMTB build, to see what I like and don’t like.

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Looking for the raptor 2 hangars 8mm (hangars only), or the 10mm version (with one working motor)… :man_shrugging:t5:

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Looking for a pair of TB218 trucks in the EU

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Looking for a focbox Unity in EU


Looking for some hub motor (replaceable pu if possible), in EU or Switzerland !

I got some Trampa Infinity trucks for a great deal from a friend, now I need some motor mounts. If you have some that I can get cheap and fast hit me up. Thanks


looking for a belt drivetrain for a 10s build

Your gonna have to define drive train as it means different things to different people.

The power train is typically the motors and maybe the mounts, the drive train is the whole thing including the power train, pulleys, belts, trucks, etc.

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belt isn’t define? Im so confuso

Are you looking for trucks, mounts , motors and pulleys?

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Do you need trucks, mounts, belts, wheels, motor pulley, wheel pulley, adapter, bearings, covers, motors, hardware…and how many of each?



I have a bunch of parts but, right now im looking for a used dual belt drivetrain(mounts,motors,pullies,trucks everything) US