Wanted items cheap or free

I don’t know that many hoarders in the EU :relaxed:but these guys might know who to ask @xsynatic @Anubis

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dual 4.12 or 2x single or 1x single?


I only need one single :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, I could’ve offered 2x single or 1 dual

How much would you want for two singles?

I dont even know how much they go for. Is 70 too much?

Where would one find pulleys for six shooters?
Adapter plate to get it to mbs compatible was what i was thinking if that would work itd probably be a better option

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I think im better iff thinking more about if an adapter plate to be able to use radium pulleys would be ideal so adapter… i might have to ask a guy.

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Hey guys , new on here , discovered the forum as I got 2 hoverboards for free and wanted to do something with them, but one had a defective optical sensor and after rewiring to single sensor it broke the board (probably unrelated , it was only the uart that was spliced ) and the other one is dual board so I can’t use it to make a onewheel. (I’m abit late to the party but hey)
I’m looking if it’s smart to buy a AliExpress board for 30euro , or is there someone here that has a dual VESC type controller that supports imu or 2x singles that they don’t need , they don’t need to be too powerfull . I tried to made 5x cheapfocer on the site and it said 202euro shipped with imu on there ,so that is not bad , but too expensive for me currently,as I don’t need 5 boards atm…

need a set of 14T motor pulleys for 8mm shaft and 32t kegel pulleys

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Anyone in possesion of a single or set of bn 270s or bn 220s that they are willing to part ways with? Please let me know :sweat_smile:


I think @daegoe might


Yeah, I have bn220’s

Anyone want this dead battery? Currently sitting at 0v. Came from a nazare supersport.

Only asking $500 plus shipping.

Just kidding. Free (plus shipping) if anyone wants it for any reason. Checking here before getting rid of it.

Update: has been claimed

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Looking for 22mm x 22mm motor mounts, specifically for newbee trucks. Any1 got a set?


I need two keyways for reacher/SKP 6485 motors with 8mm shaft.

Point me in the right direction or if you have a couple you could part with.

I am inside EU.

All the best


Looking for a set of 6001 bearings not picky about type or condition.

Ideally shipped to Ireland but I can also get them in the UK or US.

[WTB - USA] Anyone got Surf-Rodz RKP baseplates? I’m looking for one 35 and one 50 degree.