Wanted items cheap or free

You better be a real skinny mofo to not bend those hangers in a few rides…

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Its not permanent. These are actually cronin mounts i copped cuz the deal was good, but as luck would have it theyre plug and play with my calibers and bn’s. My 220’s are too wide for a kut thaka tho.

That said ive ridden these both acoustic and electric well over a thousand miles and theyre still straight enough.

I’m looking for analog wheels 70-80mm.
Used, but in good shape.

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I only just now realized that your DP is a blade fuse and not cannabis concentrate.

If anyone has some dead components I’ll take them and “recycle” them for you. AKA just solder off all the components for practice and to add to my small parts hoard of things that may or may not ever be used in the future to repair other stuff.

Even if you think all the components are fried I’ll still take it for practice use which is probably better than it going into a landfill

Anyone got an extra jst connector for a 12s LLT smart bms?

I would kill for a handful of those, 13 pin JST PH seem impossible to find anywhere…


Ya it’s incredibly frustrating. I have to buy another bms and I’m wondering if they’ll send me a couple of extra connectors…

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Maybe cut up a 6 and a 7 a tiny bit to get them to fit side by side…

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the LLT bms uses a 16pin since their 12s bms is actually their 15s bms with different frimware. I havent been able to get the connectors and ive been looking for ages


@tipsy @Common_good

Digikey has PH and XH series in stock

13 pin JST PH 2.0mm

12 pin JST XH 2.5mm
13 pin JST XH 2.5mm
16 pin JST XH 2.5mm


Does this mean I can solder on a new male header, flash new FW on the BMS and use my 12s for 13s or 15s?

I’d like to buy a set of anti sink plates or beams. Moon beams, apex anti sink, DRI or anything similar would be awesome. Prefer if they brace the front and back truck screws since there’s no deck surface between left and right holes.

Thank you :pray:

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(in case other options fall through)

Remember, if you’re outside the EU you pay 21% less.


Beautiful option but definitely more than I’m hoping to spend

If youre in the states, i have some plain rectangular 6061 aluminim anti sink plates. Also currently working on lasercutting some out of 7075 aluminum.

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Looking for 1x caliber ll E-truck preferably in the u.s but willing to source internationally… lmk

Do these cover the gap in a drop through deck, if you have extras I’d also be interested.

I have one set of torqueboards anti sink plates, 6061 aluminum, hand polished if that works for you. Selling to switch to the ones im having lasercut.

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