Wanted items cheap or free

? You talking about the plastic tube holding my bearings? It comes with it from factory to avoid damaging them since they come by tens of thousands in a box

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Couldn’t tell you the name for it. It’s the cheap packaging they come in. Holds 10

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Thanks anyway, they are very useful for me, but I never know what they r called

I think the technical term for them actually is Tube Thingy.


Well ones actually manufactured for the use of storage are simply called “plastic storage tubes with end caps” 🤷

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i will look into that as well, thanks

Looking for a single 10mm round shaft for the flipsky 6374 battle-hardened motors. Preferably stock length to fit 20mm wide belt pulley.

@Evwan is building harnesses I believe.

@cfelzien we got any 425?

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Try aluminumspacers.com


Also, we should all link and go for a ride.

I still have to build a battery for my board. :joy:

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I just got 60 lishen LA for free though… 12s5p but I want it to be a 14s 🥲😂 first world probs…

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Buy 10 more haha.

I was tempted to go for 14s5p on the Lishens but the VESC I can afford is only 12s.

I have 8 extra cells here so I will only need two more :heart_eyes:

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I’d be wanting 14s too but I settled on the DV6 pro as it was in stock and I know and like how the dv6 runs, I don’t think the dv6 can do 14s though so I’m only doing 12x5 Lishen LA

I got a spintend for free as well with the battery.

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