Wanted items cheap or free

No option to change the charge port and charge wire to something else, or are you trying to keep to Evolve parts?

Anyone have 2x 6mm M10 aluminum spacers

Or 2x 1mm M10 aluminum washers? (Has to be 16mm OD or less)

The evolve enclosure is all sealed with their port so while it could be changed we’d rather not.
Willing to pay shipping from any remote corner of the globe though

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Are you talking about axle spacers for 10mm axels?

Not available in the US or anything but this seller is good. Cheap, not super fast atm but fast as Chinese sellers go. My orders in the last couple of months took ~3 weeks to Europe I think

Yeah, I’m fucking around with my hangers to get the right amount of thread stick out

Honestly I’m interested in any 10mm axle spacers, other board needs 22.5mm and 13 or 14mm


This’ll probably upset the robot but I’ve used 3D printed ones. For axial spacers (keeping a bearing the right distance left to right from the shoulder of the hanger) I honestly don’t see much of a downside. For radial ones (sandwiched between a 10mm bearing and an 8mm axle, taking up the load of the board) that be a different story

I’d like to avoid printed parts on this one, it’s an off road board

Fwiw I’m using bearings as spacers to fit my 9" on my supersport.

Anyone have 12x28mm bearings? Or anywhere I can purchase quality ones with fast shipping? I need about a dozen.

Lol I wish I had enough extra bearings to afford that :joy:

Search for 6001-2rs on Amazon or eBay

They almost always come in packs of 2/8/10

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Send me a list of what you need. I have extras just not sure how many. Have spacers and washers

I only have 4 per axle

If you blow out your wheel bearings you’ve got a whole spare set :joy:

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Nah I’ve got these for that


Just flex on us with your fancy blue sealed bearings why don’t you :joy:

28x12 bearings?

Yes 28x12 6001-2rs ceramics :yum:

Oh fancy fancy

i don’t need the bearings, but i want to know what’s the tube thingy is called. i throw all the names i can think of to google and still got nothing close