VOYAGER | Nyan Cat Flux Build | 16s + lots of amps

Finally opening my first build thread after lots and lots of time researching, ordering parts, and lurking this forum. I’m still waiting on a lot of major components, but I have started to receive some of my parts so I figured I would start this build thread.

Here are the specs!

  • FluxMotion AT2 deck
  • 16s 6p Molicel P42A @Skyart
  • SKP SOLO esc
  • Radium 6485 motors, 151kv
  • BN geardrives, 3.95 ratio
  • Trampa IR trucks
  • Trampa Megastar Deep Dish wheels
  • Hoyt Puck
  • Davega X
  • Radium antisink plates
  • SKP 175 tires
  • Glass frit with Nyan Cat on the deck!

Since I’m still waiting on a lot of parts, I took the time to (somewhat badly) paint my Hoyt Puck, as well as swap on a more fitting color of paracord onto it. I’m most likely going to swap on a puck puck bruce case onto it down the line, but I’m actually pretty happy with the stock case for now.

So what’s next? I just received the trucks and wheels today from @Trampa, as well as the Davega X. I’ve done a bit of a test assembly of the wheels and trucks, and holy shit these are gorgeous.

As you’ve probably noticed, all of these parts are color matched in pink/blue/purple. The reason for this is of course Nyan Cat, the theme for this build. I’m planning on painting the edge of the FluxMotion deck, as well as the enclosure to match the theme.

On top of all this goes

With of course some glass frit + epoxy.

That about wraps up this first post because I’m waiting on more parts to continue, but I am definitely going to keep this thread updated. I can’t wait to get this beast built up.


Reserved #1

Reserved #2


Reserved #3

Reserved #4 (is this too many??)

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Just an fyi, those trucks are not great for street builds, are shameless copies of apex airs, and will feel weird on a 30 degree flux deck, otherwise cool build! What motor kv?



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Hmm, I was under the impression that they work similarly to a channel truck in that they have a 0° angle. Since the flux has angled tips like a mountain board, wouldn’t it work? I might be missing something here also, as this is my first build. I also just updated with the kv! I forgot to add that when I made the first post.


I have not tried the PKP style trucks myself.

If you end up not liking them you can consider Matrix III s

I am really liking mine on my Flux.

And hopefully Kevin will have an adapter soon.


That’s another option I was looking at! I heard that channel trucks have a kind of “slop” in their movement, which is why I opted for the pkp’s. I think it’s totally possible that it doesn’t have a huge affect on ridefeel though, so I may very well switch to channel trucks down the line.

Your Flux is very sexy btw :hot_face:

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Pkp trucks are mountainboard trucks, in the literal sense. They shine offroad and aren’t really great on streets. They don’t turn well without bindings either, even on softer setups. You need the extra leverage to really turn.


Ah gotcha. I might have to consider some bindings then! Either that or swap to channel trucks if the PKP’s don’t feel nimble enough.


I might also try 3D printing some angled risers to see if that improves the turning at all.

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I’m running mine at 40/35 degrees and they still needed bindings with the softest krank bushings riptide has.


I see, yeah I’ll probably definitely need to print some risers then. Are you liking them otherwise?

The apex airs are great. The trampa clones, couldn’t tell you.


Definitely sounds like it’s about to be a beast. Love the nyan cat theme and paint job so far. If you want to try again I can send you an og puck case and buttons.

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Hey I super appreciate the offer! I think I’m good for now though, the scuffed’ish paint job doesn’t bother me that much. :heart:

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i’ve found pkps to be far worse offroad then on street. and that 30 degrees is plenty even without bindings, it’s at 25 degrees were you really do need bindings


I don’t wanna clog up this thread, but it sounds like you’re doing something wrong.