VESC Tool Mobile now on the iOS App Store

Hey guys,

After a bit of pain and learning VESC Tool Mobile is now available on the App Store!

Download on the App Store

This has been more of a push than I expected when I first undertook this task and I have had a ton of support from Vedder and @Trampa in both the software and legal sides to make sure we adhered to needed rules. Also wanted to shoutout @sofu and @DerelictRobot for the encouragement and support on some questions. Also huge shoutout to all the VESC contributors who are adding new interesting stuff to the firmware and tool every day.

We had some discussions on pricing and we all know this is a pretty niche area that we hope to grow more as time moves on. We want to make sure this is something that is sustainable and feels worth pouring more and more time into as we progress. I hope you can see the app purchase price as a one time contribution buying me a coffee or beer for the many many hours spent already and that I will continue to contribute to keeping this tool useful for everyone. For transparency sake the proceeds for iOS will be going solely to me for the time being but this may change in the future depending on unforeseen developments etc. Vedder and I have become great friends and I think it will be quite easy to check in periodically and make sure everyone still feels balanced in terms of compensation.

In terms of future roadmaps one of the biggest features we are excited to develop further is ride logging to make it more intuitive and Vedder has a lot of cool ideas here. Any feedback below on bugs, other things you feel are missing etc. would be fun!


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One of the biggest things missing from esk8
Happy to sponsor 5 coffees for this :laughing:

Thank you @Deodand


Would this work with a VESC 4.12?

got a bluetooth module?

5 coffees?! More like 1 coffee here in California.


Prolly should get one, is a metr pro pretty much the same as a Bluetooth module (don’t got either, just wondering) looking for the best option at a decent price, metr pro is like 65$ the Bluetooth module, forgot which one I was looking at. Think it was cheaper tho


Personally metr is my favorite still, but I haven’t used a robogotchi yet


Would a metr pro work with the app?

Metr pro has its own app and can program the vesc, but I do believe you can also use it as a bluetooth module through the app



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The metr module should work nicely with the app.

The nrf modules sold by trampa and flipsky also work nicely.

Last time I was in Sweden Ben and I finally got the native PIN support and naming for Bluetooth module working so that should be included in the next app update if you update the nrf Bluetooth firmware. It works really nice! Should be very helpful for those group rides and add some mild security to prevent accidentally changing settings on someone else’s board.


My only issue with the vesc tool app was that it always disconnected from my modules after 2ish minutes, be it the stock unity or metr module. Not sure if that has been fixed in the latest app releases.

Congrats on the release @Deodand ! This is no small feat!


Sounds good, I’ll get the metr pro then!

I have experienced some intermittent disconnects with bad mounting of the modules in busy areas but I think that was mostly reception related. One thing I did want to take a look at was an automatic reconnect feature when reception is spotty but it will be a little tricky to implement.

I do think the app seems to run really smoothly on iOS. I also implemented a lot of loaders in QML which makes the app open way more quickly. We also implemented a filter to show only devices with matching characteristics that the VESC BLE uses and the BLE scan modes makes them popping up almost instant. So getting in and out of the app now is almost instantaneous and if the app disconnects it automatically pulls up the device list so clicking your board pulls you right back in.


Will this new app allow users to install previous versions of firmware? Or are we still only allowed to load the latest version?

You can have old firmwares installed and it will work. But from the update page only the latest firmware is available. You can select a custom file to upload or TCP port forward with your phone and upload from the computer if you really want old firmware. But I do really believe the latest firmware is the safest and best performance.