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Used parts for sale


Used parts only. Listing should start with your country abbreviation and include price in US dollars. At least one photo is mandatory and if it’s a cat or something, say goodbye to your post. Can quote price and OBO if you wish.


(US) OSRR remote. Finger hole. $250 OBO. Kept by Sean Hacker in his prison wallet for a short time.

No posting of your item in another person’s post. No best offer without price. No listing PP and “first one that pays me” madness. Be ready to supply shipping quotes because you will be asked. No payment by Paypal Friends and Family.


I bought the battery in December couldn’t use it until April (because of rough Canadian winter) I’ve been using it for about 3 months. All cells are perfectly balanced and the pack is in good condition. Comes with bms already installed and 2a charger.

Let me know if you interested. I will be shipping from Canada.

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Pictures are required



Pictures of what you are selling are required

oh, okay i didn’t know i will upload them soon.

Pictures and price required. I’ll put a 8 hour clock on it. Thanks in advance.